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Fulbright Finland A Fulbright Finland seminar titled “Making Democracies Resilient to Modern Threats” was organized in March 2018 by the Fulbright Finland Foundation in cooperation with the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and the United States Department of State, and hosted by the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. The seminar was attended by over 190 government officials, academic researchers, senior field experts, technology experts, corporate advisors, journalists and media professionals. Over 30 of them came from abroad representing all of the Nordic and Baltic countries and the United States.

The seminar focused on the entirely new challenges that democratic societies, institutions, and individual citizens are facing in the modern era: network-based intrusions, misinformation and ‘fake news,’ influence campaigns, and many more. These threats have the potential to disrupt economic activity and development, threaten the national security of like-minded nations, jeopardize individual privacy, and sow mistrust among citizens towards their national and collective democratic institutions. The seminar highlighted a wide range of threats and provided strategies for institutions and individuals to understand and deal with them. Presentations by leading researchers and experts in the field focused on how to recognize disinformation and influence campaigns, media literacy and the role of media organizations and individual journalists, security in digital spaces, and positive examples of how democracies are currently countering these threats.

Program and more information on the seminar: http://www.fulbright.fi/en/making-democracies-resilient

In conjunction with the public seminar the Fulbright Finland Foundation also organized a regional meeting of Fulbright grantees and alumni from all of the Nordic and Baltic countries. The purpose of the meeting was to create new networks in the region as well as to talk about the seminar theme and the ways in which Fulbright as a program is responding to current and global challenges.

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