Instructions for moderators and presenters

Instructors for Moderators and Presenters

Thank you for agreeing to moderate or give a presentation at the 2016 European Fulbright Conference in Helsinki.  While every single Fulbright Commission and Post-run program has success stories to share, time does not permit us to have a formal presentation from each country.  We have tried instead to put together panels and roundtables where everyone is encouraged to take part in the discussion.  With the help of our Commission and Post colleagues we have identified a number of presenters whose stories, we hope, will serve as catalysts for further discussion.  With that in mind, we ask presenters and moderators to contact each other, and start working on presentations observing the following guidelines.

Note: Presentations need to be submitted to Fulbright Finland by June 9, 2016.


  • Please limit your presentation to no more than seven (7) minutes.  Colleagues from the Finnish Fulbright Center will be keeping time; Finns are renowned for their punctuality.
  • Please be sure that the specific agenda topic is addressed. Each presenter will have plenty of time to bring up other aspects of their program in the ensuing discussions and sessions and at the exhibits.
  • PowerPoint presentations are welcome, but are limited to no more than three (3) slides. See more instructions on PowerPoint presentations below.

PowerPoint presentations:

  • Make your presentation PC/Windows compatible (this is particularly important if you use a Mac!). You will not be able to use your own computer.
  • Avoid using special fonts, programs, or other tools that are not readily available on a lecture room PC - installing them will not be possible.
  • Please use the attached PowerPoint template for your presentations.  (The moderator of each session is responsible for compiling all the panelists’ presentations into one single PowerPoint per session. This will significantly speed up the transitions between presentations and also help with compatibility issues). 


  • Please collect the slides from all the panelists whose session you are moderating, and compile them into one single presentation from your group.
  • Kindly assess that the points selected for the presentations can indeed be addressed and discussed within the time slot provided. Narrow down the content/topics covered if needed. All of this should be done in advance before the conference.
  • Moderators and those speakers who are the only presenters (some sessions have only one speaker) in their session can upload the compiled presentations to DropBox (requires username). DropBox address will be emailed to you separately with the PowerPoint slide templates and the email addresses of everyone in your session.
  • Those who are unable to use DropBox can try to email the presentation to Maija.Kettunen (a)


  • Per request from your peers, Fulbright Finland time-keeper will sit in front of the conference room with a sign to show the speakers that 2 min (out of the cap of 7) is left. They will also show a sign END when the time is up and it’s time to move on with the program. 


  • Presenters may share session related materials with their colleagues in the conference exhibition space.  If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please sign up via SurveyMonkey or contact Maija Kettunen directly at the Finnish Fulbright Center (Maija.Kettunen (a)
  • Please know that tables and one A4 flyer holder will be made available for exhibitors who have requested them. (25 flyer holders will be distributed to the exhibitors who have requested them on first come first served basis). There will be space for roll-ups but no wall space or frames to hang posters. List of exhibitors is included on the conference website at:

By following these guidelines, you can help us successfully run the conference program, and ensure that your breaks and cultural activities will start as scheduled. 

We look forward to working with all of you and seeing you in Finland!