Centennial Ambassadors: Study in Finland with Fulbright

Fulbright Finland alumni in the US… Become a Centennial Ambassador!

During the 100 years of its independence, Finland has developed into a very enviable nation, one with vast resources and strengths that the rest of the world admires and should get to know better. The Centennial Ambassadors aim to bring this reality to the forefront, to engage more Americans firsthand in a tangible and robust Finnish experience. 2017 was a kick off year for this continuing FoFF initiative.

Do this by connecting with your local high schools, universities, community colleges or any other educational institution. Bring your knowledge of Finland to young people in your community and encourage them to consider studying in Finland and applying for a Fulbright grant.

Fulbright Finland in Helsinki has prepared materials for you to share and add to your own reserves of knowledge, experience and photos.

Help us to promote an appreciation of Finland and its fine educational opportunities and sign up by sending an email to Emilia.Holopainen (a) fulbright.fi!

If you need more persuation to join in this alumni project, please contact:

Suzanne Louis
Friends of Fulbright Finland Liaison
suzanne.louis (a) fulbright.fi

Materials for the Ambassadors

Grant programs to Finland (pdf)

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Experience Finland with Fulbright! -brochure (pdf)


PowerPoint: Study in Finland with Fulbright
(You can download the presentation to your computer by choosing Download - Direct download)

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Please don't hesitate to contact Maija Kettunen (maija.kettunen(at)fulbright.fi) or Emilia Holopainen (emilia.holopainen(at)fulbright.fi), if you have any questions regarding the materials.