Alumni gather in Minneapolis, MN, 9 August 2014

This alumni get-together was planned during the annual FinnFest event, held this year in Minneapolis, MN.  Seven alumni and soon-to-be Fulbrighters met, sharing experiences about Finland, chatting about how to thrive during the darker winter months and about fine points of Finnish grammar.  Alumnus Dan Karvonen hosted the event and perhaps that explains the interest in talking technical about the Finnish language, as Dan teaches Finnish at the University of Minnesota.

Dan presented at FinnFest, speaking on "The origins of the Finns: Are we any closer to unraveling the mystery?"  He also served on a panel about translating contemporary Finnish literature. Dan has recently translated crime novelist Jari Tervo's "Pyhiesi yhteyteen", available now in English under the title “The Saints.”  Also scheduled to lecture at FinnFest was alumnus Tim Frandy (2009 Fulbright-CIMO graduate student grantee, University of Lapland) “Knowing the Wolf’s Every Name: Decolonizing the Sámi Wolf” and also “Seeing the Forest for the Trees.”

In the photo, from left, are:  Doug Maynard (2006 Scholar, University of Helsinki), Chris Roberts and Melanie Brooks (Melanie is a 2014 graduate student grantee at Sibelius Academy and her husband Chris will be doing research at Jyväskylä through NSF), Lesley Kadish (2012 Mid-career Professional Development grantee at WeeGee Exhibition Centre, Espoo), Dan Karvonen (1999 graduate student grantee, University of Helsinki), Elizabeth Semler (2014, Fulbright-CIMO grantee at University of Helsinki and National Institute for Health and Welfare, Kuopio) and Joan Maynard (Doug’s spouse and avid avanto participant)