FoFF Alumni Council

The Friends of Fulbright Alumni Council was established in May 2015.  As a working group, its purpose is to consider how to develop the American alumni program further through gatherings, enhanced communication, FoFF Alumni Enrichment Award support and development, and other topics as suggested by alumni.

It consists of 6 American alumni of the Finnish Fulbright program, recruited from throughout the US and representing all the different grant programs. 

Members for the Term Ending in May 2020:


Yvonne Allen

2014 Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching, University of Jyväskylä
Campbell, New York




Phil Alperson

2012 Scholar Grantee to University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




Doug Maynard

2006 Scholar Grantee to University of Helsinki
Madison, Wisconsin



Members for the Term Ending in May 2019:


   Hank Bullamore

   2000 Scholar Grantee to University of Turku
   Frostburg, Maryland




   Joan Kluwe

   1999 Graduate Student to Metsäntutkimuslaitos, Rovaniemi
   Anchorage, Alaska




   Edwin (Mike) Loovis

   2010 Scholar Grantee to University of Jyväskylä
   Cleveland, Ohio




Former Council Members


Members for the Term May 2016 - May 2018:

Nancy Commins
2011 Fulbright-University of Turku Scholar Award
Louisville, Colorado                              

Karen Martin 
2013 Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching to Jyväskylä University
Healy, Alaska

Ben Zeller
2012 Scholar Grantee to Åbo Akademi
Lake Forest, Illinois


Members for the term May 2015 - May 2017:

Bradley Boehringer

2014 Fulbright-Cimo student grantee to Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Portland, Maine

John Helling

2011 MCPD grantee to Helsinki City Library
Bloomington, Indiana

Kenneth Kolson

2006 Scholar grantee to Oulu University
Alexandria, Virginia

Suzanne Louis

2001 MCPD grantee to Aalto University
Charlottesville, Virginia

Paul Majkut

2007 Specialist grantee to Jyväskylä University
San Diego, California


Council members are appointed for 2 years.


Councill members have been active personally in the various FoFF projects:

  • Ken Kolson represented the American alumni on the Finnish Embassy’s Suomi100 planning committee
  • Nancy Commins and Phil Alperson have held FoFF gatherings at their homes
  • Yvonne Allen coordinated a get together at the FinnFest in Buffalo in 2015
  • Mike Loovis presented a special recognition gift, photo of the “Spirit of Finland” sculpture, to the Finnish Ambassador at the November 2017 reception

And numerous Council members have donated to the FoFF Alumni Enrichment Fund, joined the Welcome Network and promoted Fulbright Finland through the Centennial Ambassadors initiative.