1. Completing a full graduate degree program in Finland (Degree student)

Graduate Degree Program

If you wish to enroll in a full graduate degree program in Finland (Master's or Doctoral), you must independently apply admission to the university. Find out the university application procedure and deadlines by contacting directly the program coordinator or the university international office.

Please pass on the Information on the Fulbright U.S. Student Program handout to your university contact person when beginning to arrange an affiliation.

Letter of affiliation instructions

Submit the university application as early as allowed by the university application schedule. If you have received a university admission letter by the Fulbright deadline, attach it with your Fulbright application. If the university has not selected students for the program by the Fulbright deadline, request a university statement which verifies that you have already submitted the application. You can request the statement from the university international office. Attach this document to the Fulbright application by its deadline.

In case you are not able to submit the university application by the Fulbright application deadline due to the university application schedule, explain this situation clearly in your Fulbright application and submit the application as soon as the university application period opens. There after send to the Fulbright Center a university statement verifying that you have submitted the university application (e-mail to karoliina.kokko(a)fulbright.fi). You can request the statement from the university international office.

The handout of the program for the prospective host includes detailed information on the required letter content. Please refer to that document when advising your host in writing the invitation letter.

Student benefits

Student benefits for Bachelor’s and Master’s level students include usually considerable discounts on busses, trains and campus cafeterias. If you are registered as a doctoral student in a Finnish university, your student benefits will be very limited. Check with your host university international office your rights for different benefits before your arrival to Finland.