If you bring a personal computer to Finland, you should be prepared for several differences between U.S. and European standards.

Computer power adapter used in Finland.
Electrical Conversion

Finland uses the standard European 220-volt/50-Hz electrical current rather than the U.S. 110/60. Your computer must be compatible with 220/50 in order to operate properly.


Universities have student and scholar access computer classes, but it is recommended you bring along your laptop computer. Printing is available in the computer classes. All the campuses have WiFi, check the university IT department for access.

University E-mail

Lecturers, researchers and students are able to obtain user IDs through their host institution, normally right after arrival and registration.

Public Computer Availability

City and local libraries in Finland provide free access to computers and the Internet. Advance reservation for the use of a computer may be necessary. Public libraries are good locations for Internet access when you have just arrived and do not have your university account yet.

Standard Hardware and Software

Finland is highly computerized and most local hardware and software will be familiar to American computer users.

Unless you are quite familiar with installing and adapting computer equipment, it is best not to be too adventurous. Even the most experienced computer users usually have start-up delays. Both hardware and software should be modified on arrival to accommodate larger European A4 paper sizes as well as Scandinavian characters.