Independence Day / Itsenäisyyspäivä

When: December 6

What: Independence Day is held to celebrate Finland's declaration of independence from the Russian Republic on December 6, 1917. It is a day for remembering those who fell in the wars to protect Finland's independence. Independence Day decorations are typically blue and white, the colors of the national flag of Finland. In the evening, the President of the Republic hosts a reception for some 2,000 guests – typically including government officials, diplomats, and war veterans, as well as accomplished artists and athletes – at the Presidential Palace. Gathering together with friends and family to watch the broadcast (and commenting on what people are wearing) is a common way to spend the evening. University students organize Independence Day processions in multiple cities, typically finishing the events with speeches and student choir performances.

Opening hours and public transport: Public service offices, banks, post offices, and Alko liquor stores will be closed. Some grocery stores and other shops may be closed and some may have shorter opening hours. Public transport will mostly operate on a Sunday schedule.

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