Friends of Fulbright Finland -- FoFF

A network for Americans and others who are interested in supporting the Fulbright Finland Foundation and its various grant and outreach programs.

Friends of Fulbright Finland -- FoFF

Since the first days of the Finnish Fulbright program in the early 1950s, over 1,600 Americans have had the opportunity to live, teach and study in Finland. Now we are linking this critical mass of people, bringing them together to keep the Fulbright experience alive and vigorous.

Friends of Fulbright Finland, FoFF, was launched in Spring 2007 through the initiative of the Fulbright Center in Helsinki. Contact is made primarily through electronic means. Although many different get-togethers have been organized as well.

FoFF Alumni Enrichment Fund

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FoFF Alumni Enrichment Award

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Thank you for helping us to build the FoFF network in support of Finnish-American exchanges! We look forward to staying in touch with you!