Graduate Studies and Pre-Doctoral Research

Fulbright Finland awards grants to U.S. students who hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree. Academically talented graduating seniors may also apply before having the degree in hand.

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My Fulbright Finland experience has proven to be immensely valuable during my professional career at home. From my first interview (a video chat from Helsinki) to my daily work, my colleagues and managers have seen the value of my Fulbright experience. Through my Fulbright research grant I not only developed better skills and got exposure to innovative ideas, I showed that I am open to new experiences, eager to learn from others, and that I have the initiative to develop and manage my own work.

One of the distinguishing features of the Fulbright program is the importance of both cultural and professional exchange. I felt 100% supported by my Finnish host and research team, and that level of respect and appreciation has also been shown 100% by my colleagues at home. My colleagues recognize that the Fulbright program is a competitive and highly respected international program. By integrating someone with my background into the workplace and emphasizing the unique experience of being a Fulbrighter, my employer has shown that they value a global perspective, self-starter, and curious mind.

I would encourage any potential applicant to recognize the value of the Fulbright program as a fulfilling opportunity and an investment in your future career.


Taylor Tyger
2014-2015 Fulbright-CIMO Grant Awardee