Transatlantic Roundtable: Finnish Residence Permit Related Challenges

August 10, 2017

The Fulbright Transatlantic Roundtable on Finnish residence permit process related challenges brought together representatives from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Ministry of the Interior as well as from the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Immigration Service in addition to the Fulbright Finland Foundation representatives.

The Fulbright Finland Foundation called the roundtable together to discuss the Finnish residence permit application process and to come up with ideas and possible alternatives on how to make the process less cumbersome for international scholars, specialists and students. The Fulbright Finland Foundation has received feedback from several of the U.S. Fulbright scholars arriving to Finland on the difficulties related to the residence permit application (requirement to travel to one of the three Finnish missions in the U.S. for the fingerprints) and the high total cost of the application process.

The roundtable participants are currently working at their respective organizations on the follow-up action points agreed upon in the meeting to look for solutions to improve the situation. Any updates that become available and information on the further progress in the roundtable questions that become public will be posted on this website.