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ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant For A Senior Scholar


The purpose of the grant is to enable the scholar to carry out a research project at a U.S. university or research institution during the academic year 2019–2020. The grant is available for a period of 3–12 months. The maximum grant amount is 15 000 USD.

In addition to research-only grants, it is also possible to award grants for a combination of research and teaching. There are no exact limits to the teaching hours in relation to research. However, all Senior Scholar grants are cost-shared by Finnish home universities and consequently home university approval is needed.

The research project work carried out in the United States must begin with the ASLA-Fulbright grant. The grant will not be awarded to a project the scholar has already started in the United States. The earliest possible beginning date of the grant period is August 1, 2019.

The ASLA-Fulbright Research Grants for Senior Scholars are cofunded by Fulbright Finland and the applicant’s home university. The applicant must hold a position at a university participating in the Cost-share program in order to be eligible.


The applicant must hold a doctoral degree at the time of application deadline. The doctorate must have been earned earlier than four years prior to the application deadline. If your doctorate was received within four years of the deadline, please see the instructions for the Junior Scholar grant.

Applicants residing in the U.S. are not eligible. Applicants must be Finnish citizens and enter the U.S. on a non-immigrant Fulbright sponsored J-1 visa. The J-1 visa sponsorship of the Fulbright program is available for a maximum period of 12 months. Candidates planning longer research projects in the United States should contact Fulbright Finland before submitting their applications.

The J-1 scholar visa and J-2 dependent visa includes regulations which may limit the possibility to reenter the United States. Scholars and their dependents who have held previous J visas may not be eligible to reenter as J-1 researchers or J-2 dependents for 12 or 24 months following departure from the United States. If you have held a J visa during the past 24 months or have questions about the J visa regulations, please contact Fulbright Finland. Additionally, grantees and/or their dependents can apply for a work visa or a permanent residence permit to the U.S. only after spending 2 years in the home country after the Fulbright grant period.

Applications in all fields are accepted. However, proposals for medical research involving clinical training, patient care or patient contact are not eligible. This restriction is applied quite widely and applicants are advised to contact Fulbright Finland if they have any questons about the eligibility of their project.

Application Deadline: 9.12.2018 (Finnish time)

The application is submitted online at The applicants should carefully read the instructions and other material related to the application process before starting to work on the application.

The online application (including all reference letters) must be submitted by December 9, 2018 (Finnish time). Only complete applications with all required attachments submitted by the application deadline will be reviewed.

The Timeline of the Selection Process

  • December 9, 2018 (Finnish time): the deadline for submitting the applications.
  • Applicants who have passed initial screenings will be interviewed February 13–15, 2019. The interview is compulsory. The invitation to the interview will be sent out one week before the interview itself. Fulbright Finland does not cover the expenses resulting from the interview.
  • March 2019: The results of the selections will be announced. All applicants will be notified of the results.
  • May 2019: Orientation Day. Participation to the orientation day is compulsory for all grantees.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be judged by

  • originality, clarity and feasibility of the proposed project,
  • academic or professional qualifications,
  • the importance of conducting the project in the U.S.,
  • contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the candidate’s field,
  • contribution to the objectives of the ASLA-Fulbright Program,
  • personal factors: adaptability and suitability of the candidate to act as Fulbright Ambassador for Finland. Preference may be given to candidates with no or limited experience in the U.S.
Further information:

Program Coordinator
Emmi Jelekäinen
tel. +358 44 5535 275