Fulbright Finland Alumni Dinner, at FinnFest 2015, Buffalo, New York


Fulbright Alumni Dinner at FinnFest

This year’s FinnFest was in Buffalo, New York, October 9-11. 

FinnFest is an annual Finnish-American cultural celebration held in various cities around the US. This year there was an emphasis on Jean Sibelius, since it was the 150th anniversary of his birth. 

A dinner get-together for our alumni attending FinnFest, or otherwise in the New York area was being organized at Henry’s, the restaurant inside the Kleinhans Music Hall which is a Saarinen designed building. This was also the venue for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concert at 8 pm.


In the photo: Paul Niemistö (U.S. Scholar Program 1998), Cheryl Dix (Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching 2014), Daniel Karvonen (U.S. Student Program 1999), Yvonne Allen (Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching 2014), Robert Cowles (U.S. Scholar Program 2014)














In the photo: Thomas Dubois, U.S. Student Program 1987



In the photo: Paul Niemistö and Ameriikan Poijat


Please note that the alumni dinner was not part of the official FinnFest program. See the program schedule for FinnFest:  https://events.finnfestusa.org/

Photo: Kleinhans Music Hall