Alumni Treasures

Alumni Treasures is our website page created to showcase artistic talent of Finnish and American alumni of Finland’s Fulbright program. We welcome the opportunity to gather here examples of artwork, literature, photography, etc. submitted by professional and academic artists who have participated in one of the grant programs sponsored by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

How to Go to Finland

When a new Fulbrighter arrives in Finland, what stands out as unusual, wonderful or eccentric? How is this initial reaction tempered over time?  Getting used to a new environment inspires many responses, in this case a poetic, yet pragmatic and humorous, one.

How to Go to Finland by M. Lee Alexander 2014-2015 Fulbright Core Scholar to University of Turku


Fulbright Alumnus Jussi Valtonen Wins the Finlandia Literature Prize

November 2014

The prestigious Finlandia Prize for literature has been awarded to psychologist and novelist Jussi Valtonen for his title, “They know not what they do”.

YLE News -- Jussi Valtonen’s fourth novel cops Finlandia Prize






Mixed Media (Beeswax, Pen & Ink, Watercolor), 5”x5”x2” (13 x 13 x 5 cm), 2012.
Courtesy of gray DUCK Gallery, Austin, Texas

Artist Statement: Sabra Booth

"Organic forms are a principle source of inspiration for my work. While on a 2007 Fulbright residency In Finland, I studied the rich heritage of Scandinavian design. This research led me to further simplified forms and compositions edited to only the essentials. Forms are magnified and cropped until they become otherworldly. This body of work includes depictions of sieni, mushrooms, that I observed in the Finnish forests. Other pieces are based on dried Japanese varieties of fungi.  Like a 19th century naturalist, I often sketch and paint flora and fauna on site."

Sabra Booth
Web Portfolio:

Sabra Booth visited Finland on a Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Development Grant in 2007.



At the Pole of Heaven

Performance for the camera

Artist: Cherie Sampson

"At the Pole of Heaven"

Cherie Sampson visited Finland on a Fulbright Graduate Grant in 1997 and on a Fulbright Scholar Grant in 2010.