Nature and the Environment

The Land of a Thousand Lakes

Finland is known as the "Land of a Thousand Lakes", while actually there are close to 200,000 lakes in our small country! Agriculture and forestry are our main means of livelihood and nature is our second home; Finns are enthusiastic outdoor people who love to hike, bike, pick berries and mushrooms and enjoy the short summers and cold winters.

Get out and see Finland! Go on adventures during your time here. You'll have plenty of time to work later, but the chance to ski north of the Arctic Circle or dip in a lake after a spell in the sauna can't wait forever.
- U.S. Fulbright scholar 2016-2017


Finland truly is a land of water and forest. Not only do we have thousands of lakes, we also have a long coastline and beautiful archipelago, majestic northern fells, marshlands and fascinating ice age remnants such as hills of bedrock, huge boulders that seem to have fallen from the sky, giant's kettles (hiidenkirnu) and hogbacks or long ridges that run across the country.

People are quite concerned with the environment and strive to protect and maintain it in a way that supports people’s lives and livelihoods, reinforces agriculture and business, and ensures that the pleasing landscapes and vistas will be available for future generations to come. Although 2/3 of the Finnish population are urban dwellers, summer cottages on lakes draw people to the countryside in the summer and cross-country ski trails tempt them to brave the cold in the winter.

Finland's four seasons are clearly different annual performances of nature's diversity and include the well-known long summer days and long winter nights, each having their own delightful character.

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