March 14, 2013 - Fulbright and University of Tampere Establish a New Grant for U.S. Scholars

The Fulbright Center and University of Tampere have established a new grant program. The Fulbright-University of Tampere Scholar Award grantee will research and lecture at University of Tampere for a period between 3-9 months.

The grantee must have a Ph.D. and be U.S. citizen. Applications will be accepted in all disciplines represented at University of Tampere. The grant is jointly funded by the Fulbright Center and University of Tampere.

The grant agreement was signed on Thursday 14 March by Fulbright Center’s Executive Director Terhi Mölsä. University of Tampere is currently hosting the America in Living Color seminar, in which the current Fulbright grantees talk about their research in Finland.

Pertti Haapala, Vice Rector in charge of research considers the new grant program very significant for University of Tampere: “The University of Tampere has a long tradition of Fulbright programs that stretches for decades. They have been the most important link to us when we have built research collaboration with the United States, which is the world’s leading country in the sciences. The new grant program is therefore very welcome”.

The Fulbright Center (the binational Fulbright Commission in Helsinki, Finland) is a service organization that specializes in cultural exchange between Finland and North America. Finland and USA signed the Fulbright agreement in 1952 and since then over 1 500 American Fulbright grantees have come to Finland. 

Additional information:

Fulbright Center
Aki Kalliomäki, Program Coordinator
044 5535 269

University of Tampere
Kaisa Kurki, Director of International Education Services
040 190 1531