A Fulbright year… and then some

Dan Benesh

University of Jyväskylä

My Finnish Fulbright experience started in summer of 2004 at the University of Jyväskylä. I planned to study the molecular genetics of several parasites infecting Baltic seals, but about a month after my arrival a separate research group published similar work. My advisor quickly and enthusiastically engaged me in new projects, giving me no time to be discouraged by such setbacks. I was soon busy working with some of the many interesting parasites found in central Finnish lakes. That research kept me in Jyvaeskylae for nearly 2 years (very willingly) after my Fulbright year and resulted in both a Master’s and a doctoral degree. Alongside my research, I learned and experienced many intangible things during my Fulbright year. Notable examples include how to smoke fish, how -30 C feels, how to skate on frozen lakes, and how to behave in a Finnish sauna. Though it sounds cliché, my Finnish Fulbright year was a life-changing experience, both professionally and personally.

p.s. I really miss a proper Finnish sauna.


Student Dan Benesh Wins Fulbright Award to Do Research in Finland
Office of University Communications, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Released on 04/19/2004