2007 - Cheryl J. Fish

Cheryl J. Fish

Fulbright lecturer, North American Studies
University of Tampere
Spring 2007

This is a lovely memory of my Fulbright semester last spring 2007--we were invited to three Juhanes (spelling may be wrong) celebrations, including one that included this lovely bonfire on the shore of a small lake near our friends' cottage north of Tampere where people danced and had a raffle for many prizes. We had gorgeous weather, went swimming, did the sauna, ate and drank and told good stories, and played the Finnish game Molkky. In fact, we have a set home in New York and it never fails to attract a crowd when we play. Everyone wants to know about this game and I bet it will catch on in the states!

We made so many friends in Finland--from various connections, through my colleagues at the university, through my son Josh's school Tamela Koulu, and through other people I met while there. Now that the anniversary of the new summer solstice has come and gone, I have made up my mind to be back in Finland again for that joyous and spirited holiday. I hope I can return next year!