Fulbright Finland for the Future Campaign 2014-2016

Exhilarating, transformative, life-changing

These are words often used by the Fulbright Center grantees in describing their experience.

Every year, the Center supports over 80 Finnish and American students, scholars, teachers, and professionals in their search for knowledge, new inventions, and solutions for local and global challenges. The Finnish-American Fulbright program educates future leaders with international skills and cross-cultural capacity. Over 3,500 Finns and 1,500 Americans have received a grant since the program’s inception in 1949.

Government funding for higher education and international exchanges in general is not growing. This trend concerns not only Finland or the United States but programs and institutions internationally. In order to maintain our long-standing position and our ability to continue developing grants, we need our partners to join us now! The growth of our program relies on private and cooperative support from individuals and institutions in both Finland and the United States. The Fulbright Finland…for the Future campaign is an invitation for partnership!


I urge you to recognize your potential to change the world around you, and I urge you to become a partner of the Finnish-American Fulbright Program.
- Honorary Chair of the Fulbright Center Board, Ambassador Bruce J. Oreck
Launching the campaign in January 2014.


How Can You Help?

There are three ways in which you can be a partner with the Fulbright Center and participate in our mission to create change: by donating your time, talent, or treasure. Which will you share?

1. Contribute Your Time

Fulbright needs your time. Every year the Center organizes over 80 events around Finland, including orientation seminars for new U.S. grantees, and information sessions for Finns on study and research opportunities in North America. Alumni activities in the U.S. are on the rise. We hope to continue the momentum and you can help us.

2. Share Your Talent

Every year hundreds of our alumni serve in an expert capacity as board members, field specific reviewers, and consultants. Others perform at a Fulbright Center or alumni event, write an article to the Fulbright Center News or national media, create a painting or an illustration for the Fulbright Center publications. Do you have an idea?

3. Create a Change by Making a Financial Gift 

  • Make a donation to the annual fund of the Fulbright program in Finland as a bank transfer. Your donation can be of any size. Every gift makes a real difference. Be it 20 or 20,000 euros or anything in between or beyond, everyone can have an important part in the program’s future. Help us illuminate a life!
  • If you wish to donate to our annual fund but would prefer to make your donation earmarked for Fulbright Finland in US dollars in the United States, this is possible through an arrangement with our partner, the Institute of International Education in New York. IIE is a 501(c)(3) organization, and you will receive a letter documenting your donation for tax purposes.
  • Make a contribution to our endowment in Finland: The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund (Danske Bank FI29 8000 1370 8091 89, SWIFT: DABAFIHH). Donations from corporations or associations between the amounts of 850 and 50,000 euros are tax-deductible.
  • Help shape the focus of an award on areas of greatest interest to you by underwriting a full grant.
  • Please contact us if you would like information about including Fulbright in your estate planning. We would sincerely appreciate hearing from you and gladly cooperate with you to help you realize your goals.
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Current partners

Contact us

Terhi Mölsä
Chief Executive Officer, Fulbright Finland Foundation
Agent, The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund
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