Fulbright Forum 2015

Fulbright Forum was organized on March 5-6, 2015 at the University of Jyväskylä

“Fulbright Forum 2015: Education, Innovation, Science and Art”  at the University of Jyväskylä on March 5-6 provides a unique opportunity to hear about the research and projects that the current American Fulbright scholars, teachers, and graduate students are doing in Finland.

The first seminar day focuses on Education. Speakers have been inspired by Finnish Teacher Education and the Finnish education system’s success in international assessments.  The second seminar day includes a wide array of topics from various fields of science from how information & communication technologies shape human lives to American perspective on Finnish judges and the European Union.

The Fulbright Center organizes the seminar in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä, and the seminar is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki. The seminar is open to the public and free of charge. Join us for the whole seminar or pop in for the presentation of your choice and meet with the Fulbrighters! Welcome also to drop by the Fulbright Center stand during the breaks to speak about study, research, and funding opportunities in the U.S.

Download the seminar program as a PDF.

List of presenters and their CVs here.

Time: Thursday March 5, 2015, 9.30 am to 4.00 pm and Friday March 6, 9 am to 4.00 pm
Place: University of Jyväskylä, Athenaeum building, Seminaarinmäki Campus, Lecture hall A103

Further information: Deputy Director Johanna Lahti, Johanna.lahti(at)fulbright.fi, tel. 044 5535 278

Day I: Education Innovations

Thursday, March 5 - Athenaeum, A103

Moderator: Satu Perälä-Littunen, Research Coordinator, Faculty of Education, University of Jyväskylä

9.30-10.00 Welcome to 2015 Fulbright Forum

              Matti Manninen, Rector, University of Jyväskylä
              Terhi Mölsä, Executive Director, Fulbright Center

               Vision and Risk are Partners in Success
               Bruce J. Oreck, Ambassador of the United States to Finland, Honorary Chair of the Fulbright Center

10.00-11.20 Project Tuning Discussions: A Strategy for Professional Collaboration
              Chair Tina Chavez

  • Music Education, Yvonne Allen
  • Global Citizenship in Teaching, Jennifer Chavez-Miller
  • Civics Education, Audrey Damon-Wynne
  • Risk-taking in Teaching, Tina Chavez

11.20-12.30 Lunch Break

12.30-12.50 What Can Finnish Schools Teach Us About Supporting Special Education Students? Stacy Kissel

12.50-13.10 Depth vs. Breadth in the Middle School Math Curriculum, Melissa Lioz

13.10-13.30 Mind the Gender Gap: Helping Girls Gain Confidence and Competence in Mathematics, Kelly Day

13.30-13.50 Teacher Clasroom Practise Self-Assessment as Baseline Data, Cheryl Dix

13.50-13.55 Fulbright Center - Your Bridge to Study and Research in the U.S., Johanna Lahti

13.55-14.25 Coffee Break

14.25-15.45 Comparison of U.S. and Finnish Educational Programs: Insights from Four Cases, Ellen Pullins, Ellen O'Donnell, Ramon Barthelemy and Bradley Boehringer

15.45 End of Seminar Day I


Day II

Friday, March 6 - Athenaeum A 103

Moderator: Terhi Mölsä, Executive Director, Fulbright Center

9.00-9.45 Building Networks, Crossing Borders, Raising Cities: How Information & Communication Technologies Shape Human Lives
             Chair Molly Schwartz

9.45-10.25 Economic Research in Finland
             Chair Moriah Bostian

  • Productivity Change and Environmental Performance Under Finland's Agri-Environmental Program, Moriah Bostian
  • Intertemporal Choices of Finnish Households: Empirical Analysis and Policy Implications, AJ Bostian

10.25-10.30 Debuty Director: Fulbright Center - Your Bridge to Study and Research in the U.S., Johanna Lahti

10.30-10.40 Break

10.40-12.00 Monitoring Biological Communities and Physical Environments of Finland
             Chair Mitchell Donovan

  • Bird/Bat Monitoring System for Wind Turbine and Bird Strike Applications, Mohsin Jamali
  • Quantifying Geomorphic Change Along the Pulmanki River, Northern Lapland, Finland, Mitchell Donovan
  • Gene Expression of Threespine Stickleback Fish, Krishna Parekh

12.00-13.00 Lunch Break

13.00-14.00 Labor, Health, and the Urban Environment in Finnish History
             Chair Taylor Tyger

14.00-14.40 Hidden Sources of Tradition from the Kalevala to the Coptic Heresies
             Chair M. Lee Alexander

14.40-14.55 Coffee Break

14.55-15.55 Law and Politics in Finland
             Chair Mark Miller

  • Comparing U.S. and Finnish Arctic Policy: Are They Ready for the Future? Michael Brown
  • Economic Crime Policing in Finland, Olivia Salama
  • Finnish Judges and the European union: An American Perspective, Mark Miller

15.55-16.00 Closing Words 



Fulbright Distiguished Chair Program

Miller, Mark
Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies
Clark University, MA
University of Helsinki

Gillette, Jay
Fulbright -Nokia Distinguished Chair in Information and Communications Technologies
Ball State University, IN
University of Oulu

Core Fulbright Scholars

Alexander, M. Lee
William and Mary, VA
University of Turku

Bostian, AJ
Fulbright-University of Tampere Scholar Award
University of Virginia, VA
University of Tampere

Bostian, Moriah
Fulbright-University of  Turku Scholar Award
Lewis and Clark College, OR
University of Turku

Goings, Aaron
Saint Martin's University, WA
University of Jyväskylä

Jamali, Mohsin
Fulbright-Tampere University of Technology Scholar
University of Toledo, OH
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Pullins, Ellen
Fulbright Haaga-Helia Scholar
University of Toledo, OH
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching

Allen, Yvonne
Horseheads Middle School, NY
University of Jyväskylä

Chavez, Tina
High Tech High North County, CA
University of Jyväskylä

Chavez-Miller, Jennifer
Mountain Mahogany Community School, NM
University of Jyväskylä

Damon-Wynne, Audrey
McFarland High School, WI
University of Jyväskylä

Day, Kelly
Westfield Middle School, IN
University of Helsinki

Dix, Cheryl
Strong Vincent High School, PA
University of Turku

Kissel, Stacy
Brookline High School, MA
University of Helsinki

Lioz, Melissa
Joseph J. Hurley K-8, MA
University of Turku

O'Donnell, Ellen
Deerfield Community School, NH
University of Helsinki

U.S Graduate Students

Barthelemy, Ramón
Fulbright-CIMO Grantee
Western Michigan University, MI
University of Jyväskylä

Boehringer, Bradley
Fulbright-CIMO Grantee
Drexel University, PA
Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Brown Michael
University of Washington, WA
University of Lapland

Donovan, Mitchell
Fulbright-CIMO Grantee
University of Maryland, MD
University of Turku

Lai, Kenneth
Fulbright-University of Turku Graduate Award
University of California, CA
University of Helsinki

Parekh, Krishna
Fulbright-University of turku Graduate Award
College of New Jersey, NJ
University of Turku

Salama, Olivia
Fulbright-University of Turku Gradauate Award
University of Scranton, PA
University of Turku

Schwartz, Molly
University of Maryland, MD
Aalto University and National Library of Finland

Semler, Elizabeth
Fulbright-CIMO Grantee
University of Minnesota, MN
University of Helsinki and the National Institute for Health and Welfare

Tyger, Taylor
Fulbright-CIMO Grantee
Georgia Institute of Technology, GA
Aalto University and University of Helsinki