Fulbright-Tampere University Graduate Award

The Fulbright Finland Foundation works with Tampere University to offer an award for a U.S. student admitted to one of the University’s International Master’s Degree Programs.


The award competition is open to U.S. students who hold minimum Bachelor's degree. Academically talented graduating seniors may also apply before having the degree in hand. The grant is aimed primarily for students who wish to complete a full Master’s degree at the Tampere University.

Tampere University

In January 2019, the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology will merge to form a new foundation-based university called Tampere University. This new university will also be the majority shareholder of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Tampere University will form a new multidisciplinary community in higher education with competitive edges in technology, health and society. The flexibility afforded to students to study free-choice studies makes Tampere University especially attractive for applicants.

Combining the strengths of the two universities and the university of applied sciences will create a higher education community that is more diverse, international and influential. The new University will represent all levels of research, ranging from basic to applied research and service concepts. The community of 35,000 students and 5,000 staff will be a unique hub for interdisciplinary research and education in the fields of health, society and technology.

Tampere University is fully integrated into the surrounding society and working life. As an excellent research environment, the city of Tampere offers the University a living laboratory in which to test, experiment, learn from mistakes and gain insight.

Tampere3 - Towards the University of Tomorrow

Tampere University offers about 30 international master’s programmes and an international Tampere Summer School with more than 30 inspiring courses covering a range of academic fields and up-to-date topics. The University cooperates with about 1000 partner universities internationally, and it draws its students and staff from 80 countries.

Please check out the degree programs from the current universities’ webpages at UTA Admissions site and TUT Admissions site.


Tampere is Finland’s third largest city. It has repeatedly been voted the most popular place to live in Finland. Tampere is a very student-oriented city, with approximately 40,000 of its 220,000 inhabitants being students. The city offers a wide variety of excellent sports facilities, cultural experiences, and services in safe and beautiful surroundings.

Tampere is defined by a few unique characteristics: it is surrounded by beautiful lakes and it has a perfect scale for walking and there’s always something new and innovative going on. The centre of the city is dominated by industrial heritage; the national landscpape of Tammerkoski rapids and historical red brick buildings.

The industrial structure of Tampere is versatile. Tampere is internationally known as a city of technology, often going in the forefront of development. The hometown of innovations has made many world-class breakthroughs and has developed products and services that improve the quality of life of ordinary people. 


The Fulbright-Tampere University Graduate Award includes a monthly grant of 1 000 €. The grantee will also be provided with a travel award ($1 600) and a supplemental accident and sickness benefit (ASPE).

Based on the agreement with the Fulbright Finland Foundation, Tampere University awards a scholarship for the Fulbright-Tampere University Graduate Awardee to cover the annual tuition fee (in 2018 max. 12 000 €). The scholarship is granted also for the second year of Master’s studies provided that the grantee has been successful in his/her studies during the first year.

In addition, the grantee will be eligible, free of charge, to participate in a Fulbright Finland pre-approved summer school in Finland consisting of courses on Finnish language, culture and society, pending availability of suitable programs.

Alumni who successfully complete the Fulbright U.S. Student Program are eligible for 12 months of non-competitive eligibility (NCE) hiring status within the federal government, with the possibility of extensions if certain criteria are met.


Fulbright-Tampere University Graduate Award has a dual application procedure: The Fulbright grant competition and admission to the university.

The Fulbright Grant Competition

Please read the detailed application information for Finland. Please see the Application section.

The final selection is made by the Fulbright Finland Foundation in Helsinki.

There are two Fulbright-Tampere University Graduate Awards available per year. One of the two award is targeted specifically to students in technology.

Admission to the University

The student is responsible for securing affiliation with the Tampere University.

Degree Students

Degree student applicants need to apply for admission to the Tampere University in accordance with the university application procedure and timetable.

You can see information on how to apply for Master’s Degree Programs below. Please note that the information on admission for the application round 2019 will be available on Tampere University webpages in the fall semester 2019.


See the video: University of Tomorrow

Tampere Summer School

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Further Information

Fulbright Finland Foundation
Ms. Karoliina Kokko
Senior Program Manager
E-mail: office(a)fulbright.fi or firstname.lastname(a)fulbright.fi

University of Tampere
Ms. Laura Lalu
Coordinator of International Education
E-mail: laura.lalu(at)uta.fi

Tampere University of Technology
Ms. Minna Haka-Risku
Head of International Relations
E-mail: minna.haka-risku(a)tut.fi

Institute of International Education (IIE), U.S.
Roxanna Kobziar
Regional Portfolio Officer, Europe and Eurasia
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