Academic Networking in Finland

Fulbrighters can give guest lectures or presentations, participate in workshops or seminars, or provide other services jointly agreed upon by the inviting institution and the grantee.

In addition to your host, other Finnish universities, departments, and organizations may be interested in your work and invite Fulbright scholars and students currently in Finland for short visits during the year.

Fulbright Finland encourages Fulbrighters to accept invitations to visit institutions throughout Finland, as long as the duties with your primary host remain a priority. Creating networks outside the scholar’s own host institution is an excellent way of working towards the goal of the program – increasing mutual understanding between Finland and the United States.

It is up to the scholar and the inviting department to agree on the details of visits. The hosting institution should provide the scholar with meals, lodging and cover the travel costs. However, if the host chooses to pay additional compensation, Fulbright Finland should be notified of it. Keep in mind, however, that in such cases compensation may be subject to taxation and may require a tax card.

Don`t be afraid to develop your project further, even if it is not exactly in keeping with your original project.  Throughout your grant period, try to focus on developing practical skills and organizing outputs so that you will be prepared to apply what you learned when you return - U.S. Scholar Grantee 2014-2015

PhD students need to be very proactive in contacting and establishing relationships with their advisors. Most programs in the U.S. provide a lot of "hand-holding". They actively oversee their students, whereas here (Finland) it's expected that students will work very independently. I've always found my advisor at the University of Helsinki willing to help when I ask for it, but I have to ASK for it! I would encourage PhD students to begin communication early, and work to maintain it throughout the year.
- U.S. Student Grantee 2014-2015

Take advantage of all possibilities that are offered to Fulbrighter. I was able to speak to a local high school and it has been of the best experiences so far.
-U.S. Student Grantee 2014-2015