Movies, Television and Radio


Finland has an active cinema culture; most cities have numerous movie theaters and film clubs. The majority of films are foreign, including a high percentage of American features. Films are screened in the original language with Finnish and Swedish subtitles.


Finnish television has a high proportion of English programming as well, mainly from England and the United States, with most programs in the original language with Finnish or Swedish subtitles.

Housing provided by host institutions for lecturers and research scholars will often include TV sets. Televisions may also be rented locally. At the moment, there are eight national channels: four public broadcasting and four commercial ones.

Finland switched over to all-digital television in 2007. Digital devices are now needed in order to receive television broadcasts. If you are planning to rent or buy a television set in Finland, check first whether your house has a cable terrestrial antenna or a satellite system and then make sure in the shop the device you purchase is the right kind. Some TV sets include the digital device within the set, but you better ask in advance.

Also on-demand Internet streaming media services are available in Finland. You can subscribe to e.g. Netflix and HBO Nordic. There are also several providers offering online movie rentals.


News and other English programming are available on the FM radio stations. The Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yleisradio or YLE) provides News in English (web, TV and radio). More extensive English topical and cultural news is broadcast by the YLE external service on short-wave, which can also be picked up within Finland. The BBC World Service, VOA, and other international radio programming can be received throughout Finland.

Check English language programming, including NPR shows, on YLE Mondo online and on FM 97.5 MHz in Helsinki.

Finnish radio stations online: