Orientations and Seminars

There are three events over the grant year in which the grantees are expected to participate.

For future Fulbrighters based outside of Helsinki:

"I would recommend people go to where they will live before the Fulbright Center orientation seminar. It was difficult having all my things with me for the entire time. If I were to do one thing differently I would have gone to my apartment first, then gone to the orientation seminar. "

 - U.S. Student Program Grantee 2015-2016 -

Fulbright Arrival Orientation

When making travel arrangements keep in mind that Fulbright Finland will arrange a three and a half day Arrival Orientation seminar for all grantees during the last week of August.

You will receive the exact Orientation dates from your Fulbright program coordinator. In addition to providing detailed preparation on living in Finland, it is a seminar full of activities and opportunities to create networks and make connections with fellow grantees and Finnish hosts.

The seminar will address Fulbright program issues and practical arrangements. To help with the initial adjustment, the orientation will also provide useful information on Finnish culture and society.

All grantees arriving for the fall term are expected to participate in this orientation and family members are most welcome to join in. Extra lodging and transportation costs for family members is borne by the grantee.

Fulbright Finland will arrange and cover accommodation for all grantees for the duration of the orientation and cover in-country travel expenses for grantees living outside the Helsinki region. If you already have established housing in Helsinki which is available to you during the orientation days, please let us know.

The primary responsibility for practical orientation into the local environment and community in Finland however, resides with the host institution and the initiative of the grantee. In particular, this concerns housing, food services and arrangements for student or staff discounts, public transportation, language courses, schools and daycare for children and other local matters for which the procedures vary within different universities and municipalities.

The international relations offices at Finnish universities usually publish a guide for international students and scholars. This guide is a useful reference tool in regards to local information. (For specific information about your new city, simply type www. placename.fi. For example: www.rovaniemi.fi.)

Spring Orientation

Fulbright Finland will notify grantees at a later stage in the fall when the orientation program for grantees arriving for spring will be arranged. The spring orientation will be mandatory for all grantees arriving for the spring term. In addition to the Fulbright orientation, many host institutions also arrange arrival orientation programs in January.

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American Voices Seminar

In mid-October the University of Turku will arrange the American Voices Seminar in collaboration with Fulbright Finland. The aim of the seminar is to provide a forum for the students and faculty of the two universities in Turku to learn about the complexity and variety of American society and culture.

Participation in the American Voices seminar is expected from all student and scholar grantees, and each grantee is asked to give a short maximum 20-minute presentation on some aspect of American society or culture, thus the name ‘American Voices’.

Previous grantees often comment that the seminar is a fun and relaxing event, providing them with a mid-term opportunity to see fellow grantees.

Travel and accommodation expenses for grantees are compensated by Fulbright Finland. You will hear more about this seminar at the Fulbright Finland orientation in August.

American Voices seminar is held in Turku in mid-October.

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Fulbright Forum on Education, Innovation, Science and Art

Fulbright Finland organizes Fulbright Forum seminar for the Fulbright grantees in the spring semester. In the spring seminar, the Fulbright grantees will present individually or in a panel discussion on their Fulbright project, research or study topic.

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