Shopping and Shopping Hours

Shopping hours are usually from 9 am to 10 pm on weekdays, from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and 9am to 9pm pm on Sundays.

Stores and offices are open less often and for shorter hours, so more planning is required, especially around holidays when most stores can be closed for multiple days in a row.
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Smaller shops frequently close at 5 pm on weekdays and between 1 and 2 pm on Saturdays, and are closed on Sundays. There are some 24-hour grocery stores in larger cities. Most stores and malls are open on Sundays. Pretty much all stores and businesses are closed on public holidays!

Outdoor markets

Every city has an outdoor market, where you can find fresh and local produce and lots of other items as well. They are usually open from early morning until early afternoon.


Small items, sweets, magazines, and the like may be purchased at kiosks, which are small street-level sales outlets, or at many service station shops which are open every day of the week. Many of these sell some grocery items.

Save your Receipts

It is a good idea to save receipts when making bigger purchases. Receipts for purchases are more important in Finland than in the United States. In case you wish to return or change a product, most businesses require a receipt for return, even if merchandise is in perfect condition and still has tags on it.

Online shopping

A few important aspects: There will be no added import tariffs if you buy inside the EU so you pay what you pay. A 24% VAT + customs fee (usually around 5%) is added to the price when ordering from outside the EU. 

See Online shopping guide for private individuals for more information.

Value Added Tax

In 2016, the Finnish VAT is 24%, with the exception of foodstuffs (14%) and books (10%). The prices you see on the shop shelves already include the VAT.