Study Tours

The Fulbright Finland Foundation organizes specially tailored study tours to the U.S. concerning higher education. Study tours are organized upon request.

Study tours previously organized by the Fulbright Finland have focused on such topics as adult education and research training in the U.S. The Fulbright Finland Foundation has over 60 years worth of experience in working with American education professionals, which means the Fulbright Finland Foundation has a vast local network of partners that can aid in arranging a study tour on many different topics.

The Fulbright Finland Foundation, in cooperation with its local partners, takes care of organizing the study tour's practical issues, designs the study tour program, arranges visits to different points of interest and recruits the needed expert speakers. The study tour agenda is designed so that it best fits the needs of the customer and focuses on destinations that best fulfil the tour's goals. The length of the tour is agreed upon together with the participants.

Contact us for more information

Please contact Fulbright Finland for further information on organizing a study tour that can accommodate your interests. You can also check out our previous study tours, their goals and agendas, by reading the study tour reports found on this website under Study Tours.

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