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Travel and U.S. Bank Information


After Arrival

During their stay in Finland, grantees are required to provide Fulbright Finland with their Finnish bank account and contact information. (For U.S. teachers opening a Finnish bank account is optional).

Grantee Feedback

All Fulbright grantees are asked to fill in at least one report during their Fulbright grant term. Information given by the grantee will be used to improve the Fulbright Finland's services and to help future grantees with living and working in Finland. Please click below for the online mid-year and final reports!

For Students

For Scholars and MCPD grantees

For Teachers

Mid-year report

Mid-year report

Final report

Final report

Final report


For what is your feedback used?

  1. Fulbright Finland uses grantee comments to improve its services

    The orientation handbook, orientation seminars, the Fulbright seminars (American Voices and Fulbright Forum, for example), and any aspect of the practical and logistical support that the Foundation provides for the grantees.
  2. Fulbright Finland keeps an eye out on any grantee comments and experiences regarding the support services and the academic environment offered by Finnish institutions.

    This can be used to improve resources that Fulbright Finland offers to Finnish hosts and to enhance the way in which the host services and the Foundation services complement (rather than duplicate) each other, for example. We also gather best practices that we can use as we advise other Finnish universities/departments that may not have yet extensive experience in how to host international scholars.
  3. The grantee reports are absolutely invaluable and crucial in demonstrating the value of the Finnish Fulbright program to our partners and funders.

    So, if you feel that your experience in Finland was worthwhile and that it was a valuable experience, it would be very important to say so. We use grantee evaluations in numbers (e.g. x % of US grantees in Finland in year 2013-2014 found their experience to be not very valuable/relatively valuable/very valuable/extremely valuable… etc.) AND, if you so permit, your brief comments (usually not more than one sentence) can also be used as quotes in lobbying messages that go to the U.S. government and other funders (either marked as written by “2013-2014 US Fulbright Scholar/Student” or with your name, depending on how you permit us to do).
  4. You should briefly comment on the content of your academic project.

     Were you able to fulfill your goals, and/or if there are any general comments that you would like to share. 

Who reads your feedback?

All final reports are read by the Chief Executive Officer and by the Fulbright Finland Board, as well as by relevant members of the Fulbright Finland team.

Sometimes grantee comments end up on the agenda list of the strategic planning meeting of the Fulbright Finland Foundatio Board of Directors. In addition, the final report can be shared with your host, but please note that if there is any feedback you would prefer to give in confidence, this will be respected. And if there is any feedback that you would prefer to give confidentially and orally rather than in writing, an opportunity will be arranged for you to do so.

Your feedback is important and we want to make it as easy and convenient for you to give it as possible, and you can rest assured that every word you write will be read carefully. Most of what you have seen in relation to Fulbright during your year here is thanks to grantees that have been here before you. Respectively, we will do our best to develop the program further based on what you have to say.

Reporting schedule:

Instructions for the mid-year report and final report are sent to you by your program coordinator.

Reporting to IIE/CIES

IIE/CIES asks for feedback from the grantees separately and will send their own instructions for the final report.