Board Guidelines


In order to not overburden the volunteer leaders, it is recommended that the board limits its yearly meetings to up to three to four meetings as follows:

1. First Spring Board Meeting in February (Board members)
Going through the past year financial documents for auditing, confirming the past year program report and next year program plan

2. General Annual Meeting in the beginning of March (All membership)
Meeting agenda items listed in the association by-laws, includes the selection of the new board

3. Second Spring Board Meeting preferably in conjunction with the General Meeting in the beginning of March or separately by the end of April (Board members)
First meeting for the newly selected board

4. Fall Board Meeting in September (Board members)

The association President makes sure the meeting dates and times are set well in advance and makes sure the board members are aware of the set dates. If other meetings targeted for the whole board would be needed in between the main four ones, they should preferably be arranged as e-mail meetings.

The meeting agenda is e-mailed to the board members prior to each meeting at least two weeks in advance, in order to remind the members of the meeting and allow them time to add items to the agenda. The association board meetings are held at the Fulbright Finland office unless otherwise agreed.


Board task division

In order to clarify responsibilities, and to avoid an overload of work for only a few persons, it is recommended to split up the tasks in the board for example the following way. Besides the role of the President, Vice President, and Treasurer there could be about 2 people for each the following tasks. Also, the Fulbright Finland Alumni Coordinator can be of help for the board if needed. Please note that the Alumni Association works in close cooperation with Fulbright Finland Foundation Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Alumni Coordinator and advice is always readily available.

Sets up board meetings, makes meeting agendas, leads board meetings, checks that things progress, writes a short annual report, main contributor to the membership letter, main association contact person for Fulbright Finland Foundation who knows what is going on in the board

Vice President
Assists the President in different tasks, back-up person for the President

Keeps an eye on the budget and finances, Fulbright Finland provides the association with accounting services of a professional financial controller

Fundraising coordinator
Coordinates fundraising plans, works in close cooperation with Fulbright Finland Founfation's CEO

Communications coordinator
Updates social media, writes the membership letter in cooperation with the President and Fulbright Finland CEO about twice a year and a recruitment letter targeted for potential members

Event planner
E.g. Alumni Welcome Event, Christmas Party

Buddy program coordinator
Two coodinators who recruit and matches Finnish buddies with new U.S. Fulbrighters

Other point persons depending on the interest of the board members


Fulbright Finland in-kind and financial support to the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association includes the following:

•  Membership database

• Membership mailings

• Maintenance of the Association website

• Keeping the authorities up-to-date (the Register of Associations, fundraising permit matters, taxation)

• Accounting services (end of year accounts and balance sheets, bank account and other day-today financial services, cooperation with the Auditor)

• Meeting space

• Ad-hoc support as separately agreed upon