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EU Affairs and Finnish Government

Country name: Republic of Finland

Capital: Helsinki (pop. 640,000)
Independency declared: December 6, 1917
EU accession: January 1, 1995
Currency: Euro (€)
Time zone EET (UTC+2) - Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Driving side: on the right
Internet TLD: .fi
Calling code: 358


Population: 5.5 million (2017)
Cities by population: Helsinki (640,000), Espoo (280,000), Tampere (231,000), Vantaa (223,000)
Median age: 42.6 years (2017)
Life expectancy: 80.63 years (2015)
Religion: Lutheranism (70.9%), no affiliation (26.3%), Orthodoxy (1.1%), Other (1.6%)
Languages spoken: Finnish (official) 89.3%, Swedish (official) 5.3%
Recognized regional languages: Sami
Urbanization: 84.2% of the total population (2015)


Political system: Parliamentary representative democratic republic with largely ceremonial President of Finland as the head of state.
Legislative branch: Unicameral parliament (Eduskunta) exercises supreme judicial authority. The 200 members are selected for four year terms by a popular vote.
Suffrage: Universal at 18 years of age.


Area: 338,424 km2 (64th) / 130,596 sq mi.
Area comparative: slightly more than two times the size of Georgia.
Climate: Warm summers with freezing winters. Although Finland is one of the northernmost countries, the Gulf stream keeps the climate relatively mild.


Overview: Highly industrialized, largely free-market economy.
GDP total (2015): $235.276 billion
GDP per capita (2015): $42,732

Other Essential Facts:

Lions: 6
Polar bears: 0
Penguins: 0
Public phones: 0
Mosquitos: 21,000 billion
Mosquitos per capita: ca. 4 800 000
Undisputed World champions in mosquito killing: Finland 6 - 0 World
Saunas: 3.2 million
Lakes: 187,888
Heavy metal bands: 53 per 100,000 people
Coffee consumption per capita: 27 lbs. per year 
Yearly increase in surface: 7 sq km (2.7 sq mi) due to rising soil.

Pregnant women receive a government-approved baby starter-kit!
Santa Claus is from Finland. No contest here.

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