The Year in Focus 2012


Foreword to the Fulbright Center Annual Report by the Chair of the Board of Directors

Fulbright Center Statistics 2012

  • Over 4,350 direct client contacts of which approximately 45% were international education professionals. In addition, we participated in large events e.g. study fairs, with 1,850 client contacts.
  • 72 information sessions and events
  • 152,000 pageviews on the website

Grant Programs

  • Total of 86 grantees (45 Finnish grantees, 41 U.S. grantees)
  • Total of EUR 880,000 awarded as grants, co-sponsored grants included

Fulbright Center Funding

  • 73% from Finland (Trust Fund, private foundations, Finnish universities, Finnish government, other)
  • 26% from the United States (20% the U.S. Government, 6% other)
  • 1 % from Canada

Highlights of 2012

60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Fulbright Agreement Between the Governments of the United States and Finland
Multiple events recognizing the anniversary held both in Finland and the United States:

Launch of the Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) Alumni Endowment Campaign in the United States

Special enrichment events and seminars for grantees (such as)
Grantee trip to Lapland
Invitations to the Finnish Parliament and Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA
Fulbright seminars in Turku, Tampere, Berlin and Brussels

U.S. Study Tour: Alumni Relations and Institutional Giving
The Fulbright Center organized a study tour for Finnish University alumni coordinators and development officers
For study tour program, presentations and report

New Grant Programs

  • Fulbright–HAAGA-HELIA Scholar Award
  • ASLA–Fulbright Alumni Ambassadorial Award