Music Education in the United States

Grazyna Zeranska-Gebert

Mid-Career Development Grant
Spring 2008

My Mid Career Professional Development Grant has afforded me the best time in my life. It took place from February 1st until June 30th 2008. I have had a opportunity to teach, to learn and to follow everything, which is the most interesting for me. Topic of my project was "A holistic approach to music and violin education". My project was transformed into a wide research on music education in general.

I have visited several music institutions in the USA: The Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington IN, The Longy School of Music and The New England Conservatory, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston MA, The Thornton School of Music, Los Angeles CA, “Mainly Mozart”, San Diego CA, The Juilliard School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Op.118 Harlem School of Music and The School for Strings, New York Philharmonics, Carnegie Hall, Weil Institute and Academy, “Midori & Friends” and The Lincoln Institute , New York City. I have observed and participated in activities of these institutions. I attended concerts, workshops and classes. I listened to teaching of thirty violin professors, visited 10 public schools, gave two master classes, two lectures and many violin classes.

I was very impressed by the fantastic creativity, the huge amount of positive energy, serious and hard work, the high level, the courage of making new, and the non-judgmental, respectful, loving relation between educators and students. In the USA classical music and art are very important and I have found a lot of fantastic initiatives of institutions which are struggling to provide music education for as many young people as possible. I hope to use my experience to defend classical music education in Finland.

As the Fulbright Scholar I was welcomed everywhere very well. Colleagues and staff of every institution were very friendly and helpful. It was marvelous feeling!!!