Application instructions for research and professional development grants

Instructions for Completing the Online Application Form for 2019-2020

These instructions are intended for the applicants of the following grant programs:

  • ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Program
  • ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant for a Junior Scholar
  • ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant for a Senior Scholar
  • Mid-Career Professional Development Grant (MCPD)
  • Fulbright – Technology Industries of Finland Grant

Application Instructions

Please see the application instructions for the worldwide Fulbright online application HERE.

In addition to the worldwide Fulbright Program instructions, please note the special application requirements listed below for Finnish candidates.

It is a good idea to review all the menu items of the online application in order to become familiarized with the complete set of application requirements.

Please note that:

  • You can save an incomplete online application and edit/finish it at a later time. However, you are not able to edit the application after it has been submitted.
  • Contact your referees and register your referee information in the online application as early as possible. Referees need to submit their recommendations by the application deadline through the online system.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all required items are submitted by the application deadline. Fulbright Finland will not contact applicants about missing documents.
  • If you have a technical problem with the electronic application system (for example with uploading documents), please contact Fulbright Finland immediately.


Category of Grant: Select “Research” (MCPD program applicants should select "Research" as they will be pursuing an independent project)


Special Award Name: Type here the name of your Program and the program year, e.g. “Mid-Career Professional Development Program 2019-2020” or “ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant for a Junior Scholar 2019-2020”.


The ASLA-Fulbright Research Grant for a Junior Scholar Program: In addition to research-only grants, it is also possible to award grants that include a limited amount of teaching (up to 2 hrs/week). If your project includes teaching, please include the following in your Project statement:

  • Proposed Teaching: Explain what you propose to teach in the United States.
  • Expected Outcomes: Indicate what effect you expect the opportunity to have on your teaching or professional work in your home country (for example, new approaches to curriculum planning, student advising or pedagogy; expanding knowledge in the field through collaboration with U.S. colleagues). Describe briefly the expected impact of your participation on your home institution, community or professional field.


Upload here your letter(s) of invitation. Applications without a letter of invitation will not be reviewed. Non-academic affiliations require special review and approval is not always granted.

Please note that an invitation does not ensure selection for an award.

Fulbright Finland will not arrange affiliations.

The letter of invitation should include:

  • The specific research or professional affiliation offered.
  • The exact start and end date of the affiliation* (i.e. August 15, 2019 to May 14, 2020, or for a 9-month period commencing August 15, 2019). Please note that the invitation letter(s) need to cover the entire grant period.
  • Signature from an appropriate university or organization officer (for example the head of department or research advisor/mentor).
  • The name and title of the applicant’s academic or professional host in the United States.
  • Are you required to pay fees or cover costs to the host university or organization?
  • What are you provided? Office space, telecommunication connections, library access, housing?
  • The letter should be on the U.S. host university’s or organization’s official letterhead

The invitation letter should indicate as clearly as possible what kind of support services your host institution will be able to provide for you. It should also provide contact information for the academic or professional host you will be working with. Letters of invitation should be typed on institutional letterhead and signed. E-mail invitations are not sufficient. If the academic or professional project you propose requires affiliation with more than one institution, please include an invitation letter from each host organization and explain and indicate the approximate length of time needed at each. CIES/IIE advises against dual or multiple affiliations unless absolutely necessary because time is lost in finding housing and making other arrangements at each institution.


Finnish applicants are not required to submit a certificate of proficiency in English. If the online application system does not let you submit your application without it, please submit a blank one-page document in its place.


Finnish applicants, including the Mid-Career Professional Development Grant (MCPD) program applicants are requested to use the Preliminary Project Budget form to complete this section.

Please open the pdf-form, fill it, print it and sign it, and upload the completed form to your application.


While most candidates are not required to include this document, MCPD program applicants working at Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences need to upload the document titled "Korkeakoulun sitoumus kulujaettuun Fulbright-stipendiin".

Applicants from the University of Helsinki need to upload the document titled "Helsingin yliopiston sitoumus kulujaettuun Fulbright-stipendiin".


The applicants applying for the “ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows Program” need to upload a copy of their official Diplomas and transcripts here.

  • Bachelor's and Master's Diploma. They can be in Finnish or English.
  • Transcripts from each university or post-secondary institution attended during your Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral studies so far. The transcript should include all courses taken at the university level. The transcripts can be in Finnish or English.

All Finnish applicants: Please upload the check-list/tarkistuslista from the Fulbright Finland website (check-list for scholar grants / check-list for ASLA-Fulbright pre-doctoral research fellowcheck-list for professional development grants) in this section.

Please note that you must also email the attachments to Fulbright Finland Foundation to applications(at) Please read the instructions on the checklist.

Review and print your application

  • In order to ensure you submit all the documents required from the Finnish Fulbright applicants, please make sure you review your full application by pressing “Review” button before submitting the application.
  • Save a copy of your application for your records.

Submit your application

After completing the application and ensuring that you have successfully attached all the required information and documents, sign and submit it electronically. Please note that it is very important that the following preliminary questions be answered correctly:

  • Home Country/Program Applied For: Finland
  • Category of Grant: select “research”

Please note: After submitting your application electronically, you should be able to access it in a viewable PDF format and access supplemental forms. You should be able to print your application and supplemental forms but you will not be able to make changes to them.

Fulbright Finland will review submitted applications only after the application deadline.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all required items are submitted by the application deadline.


For additional information about this application, please contact the Fulbright Finland, tel. 044 5535 286, office(at), or program coordinators directly:

Senior Program Manager Karoliina Kokko
tel. 044 5535 268

Program Coordinator Emmi Jelekäinen
tel. 044 5535 275

Manager of Teacher Exchange and Education Programs Mirka McIntire
tel. 044 5535 269