Saastamoinen Foundation

A new and unique grant program has been created jointly by the University of Kuopio, Finland’s Saastamoinen Foundation,and the Fulbright Center. The Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grant in Health Sciences will support an American scholar engaged in a health science discipline to work with colleagues at the University of Kuopio. The grant application period begins in 2007 and the first recipient will be hosted at Kuopio in 2008.

It is wonderful that we will receive more senior level American professors and researchers here in Finland, comments Chair of the Fulbright Center Board Professor Raija Sollamo.

The Fulbright Center is expanding its funding base by establishing extended contracts of cooperative funding that will be used to create new jointly sponsored grant programs.

Petteri Karttunen, Saastamoinen Foundation Board Chair,points out that it is “equally important to us that we commit ourselves to this cooperation over the long term.”

This is a significant step for the University of Kuopio,emphasizes Rector Matti Uusitupa. – The Fulbright-Saastamoinen cooperation opens a new strategy for us to bring a visiting research professor from the United States.

We are targeting our areas of strength since we have two Academy Professors and a Center of Excellence in Research in Health Sciences,and Environmental Health is one of the leading fields of our research portfolio.

In all respects, the Fulbright-Saastamoinen cooperation provides a new way to support pioneering research and to foster the exchange of academic scholarship between Finnish and American universities.

Text: Suzanne Louis
Photo: Heidi Day