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  • ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grants
  • Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grants

Read all instructions carefully before completing the application.

Applied for the grant earlier?
If you have applied for the ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grant earlier, please note that you need to complete a new application and use different e-mail address when loging in to the application system.

Calling to Fulbright Finland?

Despite the text on the online application, you are not required to call to the Fulbright Finland Foundation before beginning to fill in the application form. You can simply tick “yes” to the question on have you contacted the Fulbright Finland.

Please note:

  • The online application form is used by Fulbright programs worldwide and not all items in the application form are applicable to Finns. To know how to fill in the application as a Finnish candidate, you should take note of the specific detailed instructions below and stick to them very carfully. Unfortunately the Fulbright Finland Foundation cannot modify the online application form to fit solely for the Finnish applicants. Due to this, please have the instructions below at hand all the time when filling in the application form.  In case there is a difference between the instructions in the online form and the instructions provided in this instruction leaflet, please follow the ones in this instruction leaflet targeted for Finnish candidates.
  • Despite the text on the online application, you are not required to call to the Fulbright Finland Foundation before beginning to fill in the application form. You can simply tick “yes” to the question on have you contacted the Fulbright Finland.

User ID and Password

  • Create an account and password for the on-line application.
  • Your email address is your user ID.
  • An e- mail is sent to you indicating your User ID and Password.  Keep this information in a safe place.
  • While you cannot change your User ID, if necessary, you can change your password by clicking on “Update My Account” at the top of the Home page of this application.

Helpful tips

  • You do not need to complete this application at one sitting.  You can re-enter at any time and edit your application.
  • Remember that once you submit your application, you can NO longer make changes to it.
  • All forms in this application are to be completed in English.
  • Do not use ä and ö letters when typing your name and address on the application.
  • Avoid using all capital letters when answering items, e.g. name, address, etc. It is better to use upper and lower case, e.g. Ron Smith.
  • You can copy and paste information into all text boxes.
  • In the text boxes, you must limit your responses to the space provided. Information that exceeds the space provided will not display or print.
  • You can review each page of the application in its PDF format by clicking on the Preview button on the upper right-hand corner.




Applicants for the Finnish ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grants and Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grants please choose the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.



  • Read carefully before filling in the application.



  • Name: List your name exactly as it appears (or will appear) on your passport. Please use upper and lower case when entering in your name, e.g. Ron Smith.
  • Application Cycle: Please select “2019-2020”.
  • Degree Objective: Before answering to this questions please read the guidelines on university enrollment categories (opiskelijakategoriat). After considering different options, select one category from the drop down menu of choices. Choose the objective that best describes your plans.

  1. Master’s: Choose if you are planning to earn a master’s degree in the U.S.
  2. Doctorate: Choose if you are planning to earn a doctoral degree in the U.S. (if you are a doctoral student in Finland and applying for the grant for one year of studies or research in the U.S., select “non-degree” or “visiting student researcher”)
  3. Non-degree:  Choose if you are planning to concentrate on full- time coursework in the U.S. for one academic year. 
  4. Visiting student researcher: Choose if you are planning to conduct graduate research, such as research for your dissertation.  Visiting student researchers do not generally take courses or only audit (= follow courses without receiving official credits) one or two courses in addition to their research.
  • Field of Study: From the choices, select the field of study most appropriate to your study objective.
  • Briefly describe your field of specialization:  In case you were not able to find the correct field of study from the drop down menu in the previous question, please write here also the term in English you wish the Fulbright Finland Foundation to use when referring to your academic field. In addition, describe here the field you wish to specialize in. Clarify here also whether you wish to complete a full degree in the U.S. or conduct research or take courses.
  • Education (institutions attended): Please list all post-secondary institutions attended in reverse order. List all post-secondary institutions attended even those from which you did not achieve a degree.
  • Examination Results: Examination Results: TOEFL, GRE or GMAT test results are not required for the Fulbright grant application. However, if you have already taken the TOEFL, GRE or GMAT test/s, please indicate the examination date and your results.

U.S. universities/departments/programs have their own test requirements including score deadlines which you can find out on the university websites. Please note that the university might require your test scores in some cases by early November in which case it is advisable to take the test by early October. Since Fulbright grantee selections are published in early/middle September, it is recommended that you don’t wait with test preparations until hearing about the Fulbright selections. In order to secure enough time to prepare for the tests, do start practicing for the tests already before you are informed about the Fulbright selections.

Please also note that if the U.S. universities require you to complete the GRE Subject test, you most likely need to sign up for the test before the Fulbright selection decisions have been finalized. This is due to the GRE Subject test schedule; the GRE Subject test is offered only twice a year. GRE Subject test is usually required for degree and non-degree students of certain disciplines. Please check if your field of study is listed as a GRE Subject test discipline.

  • Emergency Contact: If you do not have an emergency contact in the U.S., you may leave this section blank.
  • Personal Information: The information provided on this form will be used by the Fulbright Finland Foundation and the Fulbright administrative agencies in the United States for internal purposes only.

National Identification Number (32): Please ignore.

References (37): Finnish applicants should select “I DO WAIVE” my right to inspect the contents of the recommendation.” Reference letters used in this

application process are confidential and they should be submitted by the recommender directly to Fulbright Finland by saving them on the online application or sending them by mail. Fulbright Finland will not share the contents of the reference letters with the applicants. Please see instructions for submitting the references below in the Supplemental Forms section.

University Preference (41): It is not an expectation that you have secured a

placement at a U.S. university. However, it is for the applicant’s benefit that he/she has investigated suitable programs, universities and their areas of research emphasis, which would match with the his/her academic goals. If you do  have  university  preferences,  please complete  this  section  as  fully  as possible. If you have letters of admission, letters of invitation, or other correspondence from a school, especially a preferred program, please save a copy of this correspondence to the online application.

  • Personal Financial Information: Since the Fulbright grant that may be awarded to you might only cover a portion of your expenses, you may need to provide funds from your own or other sources. Please complete this form as completely and accurately as possible based on information that you have at the time of application. If you should have a major change in your financial resources while your grant is pending, you should immediately inform the Fulbright Finland Foundation. If you are enrolled at a Finnish graduate school, and you have a possibility to take your salary to the U.S., you need to submit a letter stating that the graduate school salary will be available to you during your studies in the U.S. Save supporting documents (such as stipend award letters, statement from employer etc.) to the online application, for example to the Additional Information section or any other possible section. It is not necessary to provide your parents’ occupation. However, if they will support your studies financially, please indicate the amount.
  • Study/Research Objective Essays: Study/Research Objective can be 1-2 pages long. The Study/Research Objective description that you provide is an essential and highly important part of your application. You should take great care to write a clear and very detailed description of the program you want to pursue.   Clearly identify the area(s) within your field of study in which you want to specialize or concentrate. If there is specific research that you want to accomplish, please describe.

If your objective is to pursue non-degree studies in the U.S., explain what you plan to accomplish during your grant period. Do also contact the suitable university programs to find out if they accept non-degree students. Remember to mention in the study objective section which universities would be suitable for you and would accept non-degree students. Also, attach the university e-mail correspondence with your Fulbright application (see the Resume/Curriculum Vitae section).

Give your Study/Research Objective a title in English and in Finnish/Swedish and start your essay with it. The title should be concise and describe the topic of your study or research in the United States.

When writing the Study/Research Objective essay, remember that the text needs to be understandable also for readers representing other that your own discipline/field of specialization.

Please note that students wanting to conduct research for a thesis/dissertation should also attach a longer research plan, maximum 6 pages, in Item 29 “Resume/Curriculum Vitae” in addition to the research objective essay. This text should be targeted for readers in your field of specialization.

Please note that in spite of the instructions listed in the online form, Finnish applicants may mention the institution(s) they plan to attend.

  • Personal Statement: Personal Statement can be one page long.  Please see tips for writing the personal statement at the grant program website.

TECHNICAL NOTES FOR THE ESSAYS (Study/Research Objective and Personal Statement)

You have several ways in which you can create your essays.

a) You can compose your essay on-line. Please note there is a 40-minute ‘time out’ function.  You will need to either complete your essay in 40 minutes or periodically save your essay. You will not be able to customize the formatting of your essay.

b) You can copy and paste text from another document and edit online. Again, you will have a 40-minute “time-out” function. You will not be able to customize the formatting.

c) You can upload text from another document. This is the only option where you will be able to retain special formatting, e.g. bold, underline, headers, double spacing, etc. While you cannot edit an uploaded document on-line, you can delete your upload, make your corrections in your document off-line, and upload again.

--> Leave a 1½ inch (4cm) margin at the top of every page of your essays.

--> Preview your essays to make sure the formatting is correct (preview button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). Use the “Back” browser button to return to your essay in order to stay in the application.

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae:  Please save the following documents and information on this section regardless of the section title. Please combine all the documents (a-g) as one file and save the file to the online application by using the browse and upload functions.

a)   Grant Category: All candidates must indicate here which grant program they are  primarily  applying  for:  ASLA-Fulbright  Grants  for  Graduate Study, or Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grants. Please note that you will only need to submit one application to be considered for all grants you are eligible for. You may attach to the application a separate paper where you write the name of the grant program that you apply for.

b)   Copies of possible correspondence with the U.S. universities

c)   Possible financial documents (please see section Personal Financial Information below)

d)   Research Plan (visiting student researchers only): Applicants who are planning to conduct research for a thesis/dissertation should attach a research plan in this section.

e)  Signature  Form  can  be  printed  out  from  the  Supplemental  Forms section in the online application

f)  Tarkistuslista (checklist) can be printed out from the grant program website.

                                 g) CV in English

                                 h) University of Helsinki applicants: Home unit statement on cost-sharing

i) If you have not received your Bachelor's degree by the Fulbright deadline, but you have completed all the required courses for the degree, attach your home university statement on this as well as information on when you will receive your diploma.

In case you are not able to save these documents to the Resume/CV section, you can save them on any other possible section in the application.

  • Transcripts: Please combine the following documents (a-b) as one file and attach the file on this section.

 a)    Official transcripts (opintorekisteriote) in English (translated by the issuing university) to the online system. You need to attach one transcript from each university or post-secondary institution you attended, even those schools from which you did not receive a degree or diploma. The transcripts should list the subjects you studied and the grades you received during each year of your enrollment and have a signature and a stamp.

b) University or post-secondary diploma (tutkintotodistus) for each post- secondary or university degree awarded to you. The diplomas can be in Finnish or English. Please note that for example the transcript or a Diploma supplement is not sufficient to replace the actual university diploma. You need to attach the actual diploma to the Fulbright grant application online.

If you are invited for an interview to Fulbright Finland you are requested to show the official original diplomas and transcripts at the interview.

  • Writing Sample: Optional. The maximum length is 6 pages.

Please note that you must also email the attachments to Fulbright Finland Foundation. Please read the instructions on the checklist.


It  is  a  good  idea  to  print  all  supplemental  forms  prior  to  submitting  your  application electronically. However, even after submitting your application you will be able to access these forms.

Letter of Reference: 

  1.  It  is  strongly  recommended  that  your  recommender  completes  the Letter of Reference form online and submits it electronically. To enable this you need to register your recommenders to the online application by clicking on the Continue to Recommendations button (Step 5).  After registering your  recommender he/she will receive an automated e-mail informing him/her of the online recommendation process. It is strongly recommended that after registering your recommenders you contact them to make sure they have received the recommendation instructions e-mail. In some rare cases the receiving computer system’s firewall may block the notification e-mail. Please note that only three letters of reference can be submitted electronically. Candidates who are required or wish to submit four letters should use the printed Letter of Reference form from the Supplemental Forms section. The fourth reference letter must be e-mailed by the letter writer to the Fulbright Finland Foundation, office@fulbright.fi.

  2. Your recommender can complete the Fulbright Letter of Reference form and mail the paper version directly to the Fulbright Finland Foundation. You will need to print out the Letter of Reference form from the Supplemental Forms section and forward it to your recommenders.

Only those recommendations your recommenders submit electronically or e-mailed directly to the Fulbright Finland Foundation will be accepted. The applicant cannot submit the recommendations.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to  make  sure  recommenders submit their letters in time. The recommender can submit his/her recommendation letter even though the applicant would have already submitted the application.

  • Report on Proficiency in English: Not required for Finnish applicants.
  • Signature Form:  You must print out, sign, and attach it to the online application.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae section.
  • Transcript Release Form and Academic Records Information: Please ignore.



Before you can submit your application electronically, your application will be reviewed for completeness. If there is missing data, you will be prompted to correct




  • After  completing  this  application  and  thoroughly  reviewing  it,  you  will  submit  it electronically to the Fulbright Finland Foundation, Helsinki.
  • Note carefully, after submitting your application electronically, you will be able to access it in a viewable PDF format and access supplemental forms. You will be able to print your  application  and  supplemental form.    However,  you  will  not  be  able  to  make changes to your application. At the bottom of the home page of your application, there is a ‘track your status’ link.  This is a functionality some Fulbright programs use to remind applicants of items that are still needed to complete the application dossier. Please note that the Fulbright Finland Foundation does not use this part of the application system to communicate with the applicants.
  • It  is  the  applicant’s  responsibility  to  make  sure  that  all  required  items  are submitted by the application deadline. The application will be reviewed ONLY if ALL the required documents have been submitted by the deadline.


  • Duration   of   Grants: Fulbright   grants   and   other   fellowships,   assistantships, scholarships and educational grants are generally awarded for nine to twelve months beginning in August or September. Candidates appointed to certain types of Fulbright grants may be required to arrive during the summer for an introductory course or intensive English program prior to the academic year. In some cases, arrangements may be made for an extension of the period of grant beyond the first academic year. Candidates should not assume, however, that awards are automatically renewable.
  • Duration of Degrees:  The length of your degree program may exceed the available funding and sponsorship limits of your Fulbright grant. The requirements for completing academic  work  toward  a  degree  vary  depending  upon  the  degree  desired,  the candidate’s academic background and the regulations of the individual U.S. institution to which the candidate is admitted. It is usually not possible to obtain a degree in one academic year. Although the minimum time required for a Master’s degree is one academic year, a student should expect to spend from at least one summer session to an additional academic year to complete the academic requirements. For the Doctoral degree, at least two to three academic years are required beyond the master’s degree. However, many doctoral students find four or five years necessary, and in some cases even longer.
  • Change of Plans: You should promptly inform your Fulbright Program Office of any change  in  your  academic  status  or  future  plans  after  your  application  has  been submitted.
  • It  is  the  responsibility  of  the  applicant  selected  for  interview  to  make  him/herself available for the interview at the date and time allocated.
  • The applicant is responsible for the travel to the interview and any other related costs.
  • The grantee is required to attend two full day orientations on September 27, 2018 and May 2019 (date to be confirmed)