Tasavallan presidentin tervehdys 60-vuotisjuhlavuoden kunniaksi

Fulbright Center News 2/2012

Fulbright Center Newsin syksyn 2012 numero on luettavissa täällä.

This year the people of Finland and the United States celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Fulbright Agreement between the governments of our two countries. Finland and the United States maintain an excellent relationship based on shared values, mutual respect and understanding. I am confident that the ties that bind us will only strengthen as we work together to address the daunting global challenges of the day. The Finnish-American Fulbright program, with its focus on academic excellence, intercultural competence and global skills, is helping to shape the minds that will find the solutions to those challenges and to those that will come in the future.

Over the past six decades, the Finnish-American Fulbright program has become a model of excellence for the world’s most well-known global exchange network, providing thousands of individuals the opportunity to serve as academic and cultural ambassadors and become leaders in their field. At the same time the Fulbright Program’s positive role in Finnish-American relations has been immeasurable. Fulbright has been called the best and most cost-effective public diplomacy program our two countries have ever had. I congratulate the Finnish-American Fulbright Program for its significant achievements and I send you my warmest greetings on your 60th Anniversary.

Sauli Niinistö

President of the Republic of Finland


Published in the Fall 2012 issue of the Fulbright News