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The Fulbright Finland Foundation mission is to expand Finnish-North American collaboration through exchanges of talent and knowledge.


The Fulbright Finland Foundation vision is to empower the minds that will find global solutions to tomorrow’s challenges by fostering academic and professional expertise and excellence in leadership.

Fulbright Finland Foundation

The Fulbright Finland Foundation is an independent not-for-profit based in Helsinki, Finland. With the purpose of promoting a wider exchange of knowledge and professional talents through educational contacts between Finland and the United States, the Foundation collaborates with a range of government, foundation, university and corporate partners on both sides of the Atlantic to design and manage study and research scholarships, leadership development programs and internationalization services. In 2017, the Fulbright Finland Foundation awarded over EUR 1,42 million in grants to 91 Finnish and American researchers, students, and professionals. Additionally, Fulbright Finland responded to over 6 500 client contacts (26 % of which were international education professionals) and organized or participated in over 60 training events around Finland.

Fulbright Finland supports the internationalization of education and research in Finland, and helps U.S. and Finnish institutions create linkages. Under its Internationalization Services the Foundation organizes themed study tours to the United States for Finnish higher education experts, runs the highly popular Fulbright Speaker Program, the Fulbright Dialogues series, and the Transatlantic Roundtables, as well as organizes two national Fulbright Seminars every year.

The Foundation is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, the U.S. Department of State, the Finland-America Educational Trust Fund, private foundations, Finnish and U.S. higher education institutions, alumni of the Fulbright Finland programs, and private donors. Over 70% of the Foundation’s core funding originates from Finland, and advancement, fundraising and sponsored grants are a central part of the operation. A key strength of the Foundation is the consistent strategic engagement of the alumni. 5 500 Finns and Americans have received a grant from the Finnish-American program since its inception in 1949 and the Fulbright Finland Foundation runs an active and rapidly growing alumni network in both countries.

The Board of Directors of the Fulbright Finland Foundation consists of eight members appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and the U.S. Embassy in Finland. The U.S. Ambassador to Finland serves as the Honorary Chair of the Board. The Foundation office in Helsinki is managed by the Foundation’s CEO together with six staff members.

Fulbright Finland Foundation Goals

Goal I. Provide the highest quality educational and professional exchanges.

Goal II. Provide the highest quality advising, training, and expertise.

Goal III. Identify and optimize promotional activities that advance the mission and goals of the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Goal IV. Identify and strengthen partnerships that advance the mission and goals of the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Goal V. Assure that the Foundation operates as an effective, efficient, and appropriately funded organization.