Fulbright Finland News Celebrates Finland’s Centennial!

The December 2017 issue of the Fulbright Finland News magazine is now online at https://issuu.com/fulbright-center-finland/docs/ff-news-217

The invited columnist of the magazine is former President of Finland, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari.

News and stories include:

  • Centennial gift from the U.S. to Finland: USD 500 000 to the Fulbright Finland Foundation
  • Fulbright alumni and grantees celebrating Finland’s Centennial
  • New Fulbright-TUAS Scholar Award for U.S. scholars
  • High quality research in Environmental and Health Sciences attracts U.S. students to Finland
  • 65th anniversary of the Finnish-American Fulbright Agreement
  • Donors make a difference!

And much more!

For information, feedback and for submitting ideas for articles, please contact:
Editor Maija Kettunen, Fulbright Finland Foundation, tel. 044 5535 277, maija.kettunen(a)fulbright.fi