Graduate Education in the U.S.

Finnish Higher Education Experts USA Study Tour 2009: "Graduate Education in the U.S."




To offer a one-week seminar to seven higher education professionals appointed by the Academy of Finland on graduate education in the United States. Participants will focus on comparing U.S. and Finnish strategies to provide graduate education and identify possible applications of the American practice to the Finnish system. The participants will discuss leadership structures and decision-making processes and the management and governance of American graduate institutions. The group will learn about the American system from expert speakers and through direct observation at private and public universities. Topics will include the autonomy of graduate schools within the university, financial structures, quality assurance, recruitment and admission of students, the relationship between graduate programs and the job market, and other issues.


Participants will travel to the United States for a five-day higher education management seminar focusing on graduate education. The program will consist of a one-day workshop, 5 site visits to public and private universities in Washington, DC and Maryland to observe graduate school operations in action, and a final wrap-up discussion session.


Day One: Monday, October 26th

Seminar at IIE/DC, 1400 K Street, 6th Floor, Room 6A

8:30-9:00am Breakfast and Welcome
• Allan Goodman, President and CEO, Institute of International Education
• Terhi Mölsä, Executive Director, Fulbright Center Finland

9:00-10:30am The Development of Higher Education in the United States
• Daniel Fallon, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Psychology, University of Maryland

-The relationship between undergraduate and graduate education
-Introduction to higher education in the United States
-Carnegie Classification System
-Admissions, Financial aid, funding, etc.
-Emerging issues, challenges, and trends
-The Bologna Process

10:30-10:45am Coffee Break

10:45-12:15pm Graduate Education in the United States
Robert Sowell, Project Director and Vice President, Programs and Operations, Council of Graduate Schools
Julia Kent, Program Manager, Council of Graduate Schools

-How the field has developed (exchanges of all sorts, university programming, linkages)
-Emerging issues, challenges, and trends.
-Challenges facing graduate education in the U.S.
-The role of higher education associations (Council of Graduate Schools)
-Structure of graduate programs within U.S. universities (centralized v decentralized international education operations)

12:15–1:15pm Lunch

1:15-2:15pm Graduate Enrollment & Admissions
• K. Jill Barr, Assistant Dean of Graduate Enrollment, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

2:15-3:45pm Decision-Making, Governance, and Management in American Graduate Schools: A Case Study
Rosemary Wander, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research, American University
Sally Francis, Dean, Oregon State University and Resident Dean at the Council of Graduate Schools

3:45-4:30pm Wrap-up of Day 1

6:30pm Opening Dinner
Hosted by Sabine O’Hara, Executive Director CIES/Vice President IIE and Terhi Mölsä, Executive Director, Fulbright Center Finland

Day Two: Tuesday, October 27

Morning: Site visit to George Mason University
Afternoon: Site visit to Georgetown University

George Mason University
Mason Hall, D5

8:30am Welcome and Introduction to George Mason University
• Tom Hennessey, University Chief of Staff

9:00-10:00am Best Practices in Graduate Education: The Research Perspective
• Peter Barcher, Associate Dean, Research, College of Education and Human Development

10:00-11:00am Best Practices in Graduate Education: The Administrative Perspective
• Michelle Marks, Associate Provost for Graduate Education, Office of the Provost

11:00-12:00pm Best Practices in Graduate Education: The International Component
• Kathy Trump, Associate Dean for International, University Life

Georgetown University
OIP Conference Room, Poulton Hall, 2nd Floor

1:00pm Lunch

1:30-3:00pm Graduate Education at Georgetown: Administrative Practices
• James Schaefer, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Financial Aid, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
• Tim Barbari, Dean and Associate Provost for Research, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
• Sheila McMullan, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

3:00-4:00pm International Education at the Graduate Level
• Kathy Bellows, Executive Director, International Programs

Day Three: Wednesday, October 28

Morning: Midway debriefing at IIE-CIES
Afternoon: Site visit to Johns Hopkins University

Debriefing at IIE-CIES
3007 Tilden Street, 4th floor, Vaclav Havel

8:30am Breakfast & Welcome
• Sabine O’Hara, Executive Director CIES/Vice President IIE

9:00-9:30am Current Trends in the International Fulbright Exchanges
• Sabine O’Hara, Executive Director CIES/Vice President IIE
• Terhi Mölsä, Executive Director, Fulbright Center Finland

9:30-11:00am Midway Debriefing
• Heikki Ruskoaho, Chair, Steering Group for the Development of Graduate Education, Finland

Johns Hopkins University
Homewood Campus, Garland Hall, President’s Conference Room 220

12:30-1:15pm Lunch

1:15-1:45pm Overview of Johns Hopkins University
• Pam Cranston, Vice Provost for International Programs

Overview of JHU Graduate Education
• Jon Bagger, Vice Provost for Graduate Education

1:45-2:45pm Graduate Education in the JHU Schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering
• David Bell, Dean of the Faculty in the Krieger, School of Arts and Sciences
• Andrew Douglas, Vice Dean of Faculty in the Whiting School of Engineering

2:45-3:00pm Break

3:00-4:00pm Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies in Graduate Education at Hopkins
• Scott Zeger, Vice Provost for Research,
• Greg Ball, Dean of Research and Graduate Education in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
• Marc Donahue, Vice Dean of Research in the Whiting School of Engineering

Day Four: Thursday, October 29

Morning: Site visit to University of Maryland, College Park
Afternoon: Site visit to George Washington University

University of Maryland
Office of International Programs, 1122 Holzapfel Hall

All sessions will be informal and open discussion is encouraged

9:00-10:00am Welcome
• Valerie Woolston, Director, International Education Services

Overview of Graduate Education at the University of Maryland
• Thomas Castonguay, Associate Dean, Graduate School & Professor of Nutrition and Food Science

10:00-11:00am Internationalization and Departmental Views
• Saul Sosnowski, Associate Provost for International Affairs & Professor of

11:00am-12:00pm Research and Graduate Education
• Michele Eastman, Associate Vice President for Research

George Washington University
714 21st Street, NW, First Floor Conference Room

12:30-1:30pm Lunch and Introduction
• Donna Scarboro, Associate Vice President, International Programs

1:30-2:30pm Overview of Graduate Education
• Dianne Martin, Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs; Professor of Engineering and Applied Science

2:30-3:15pm Research, Recruitment, and Support of Graduate Education
• Anne Hirschfield, Associate Vice President for Health Research, Compliance, and Technology Transfer, Professor of Anatomy
• Geri Rypkema, Director for Graduate Student Support, Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships
• Kristin Williams, Assistant Vice President for Graduate and Special Enrollment Management

3:15-4:00pm Walking Tour of the GW Foggy Bottom Campus
• Anthony Pandolfo, Senior Secretary, International Programs

6:30 pm Closing Dinner

Day Five: Friday, October 30

Morning: Debriefing at the Embassy of Finland (3301 Massachusetts Ave NW)

8:45-10:45am Seminar Wrap-Up
• Terhi Mölsä, Executive Director, Fulbright Center Finland • Heikki Ruskoaho, Chair, Steering Group for the Development of Graduate Education, Finland

10:45-11:15am Guided Tour of the Embassy
• Liisa Rutanen, Information Officer, Embassy of Finland
• Marjatta Talbot, Event Manager, Embassy of Finland

11:15am-1:00pm Closing Lunch
Hosted by Pekka Hako, Cultural Counselor, Embassy of Finland