Fulbright-Schuman Program

Fulbright-Schuman-stipendi on tarkoitettu kaikkien tieteenalojen edustajille.

Fulbright Schuman Grants for EU citizens.

See further information at the Fulbright Commission for Belgium and Luxemburg website.

Fulbright-Schuman -stipendiin sisältyy kuukausistipendi ja matkakorvaus. Enimmillään stipendi voi olla 29 000 euroa. Lisäksi stipendiin kuuluu sairaus- ja tapaturmavakuutus.

Fulbright-Schuman -stipendiohjelma on suunnattu kaikkien EU-maiden kansalaisille.

Tutkimuksen tai luennoinnin tulee jollain tavalla liittyä Euroopan Unioniin tai EU:n ja Yhdysvaltojen välisiin suhteisiin. Aiheyhteyttä tulkitaan verrattain laajasti.

Esimerkkejä aikaisempien Fulbright-Schuman -stipendiaattien projekteista:

  • Finnish national completed an LL.M. degree at the Georgetown University during her Fulbright-Schuman grant period. The grantee was specialized in the European competition law and went to the U.S. to learn more especially about the American antitrust law.
  • Dutch citizen and advanced doctoral student in physics at the Helsinki Univ of Technology, was at NYU and M.I.T. for seven months during the academic year. At M.I.T., she worked at the plasma science and fusion center testing and further developing the gyrokinetic full f-code Elmfire.
  • German national serving as a lecturer in sociology at Trinity College at the Univ of Dublin, spent four months at the University of California at Berkeley where he conducted research on migration.
  • Georgetown University’s School of Business hosted a scholar from the United Kingdom. The scholar, a professor of marketing at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, conducted research and gave guest lectures on topics related to investment at the World Trade Organization.
  • Southwestern University’s School of Law in Los Angeles hosted a scholar from Salzburg, Austria. The scholar, an associate professor at the Institute for European Law at the University of Salzburg, conducted research and lectured on international and comparative law.
  • Spanish national and dean of the Social & Applied Languages Faculty at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, spent nine months in the U.S. conducting research and lecturing at American Univ. and Fordham Univ. During the fall semester at Fordham, he conducted research on human rights, finished editing the 2nd edition of his book on human rights, international relations, and globalization.
  • French national and professor of political science at the Univ of Versailles-St-Quentin-en Yvelines in Versailles, was at Georgetown Univ. for four months during the second semester of the academic year. His research involved a re-thinking/re-organizing of borders: Post 9/11 visa policies in the U.S.


Katso lisätietoja stipendiohjelmasta ja mm. ohjelman hakuajoista ja -vaatimuksista Fulbright-Schuman Program -sivulta.

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