Toimintavuoden 2014 tapahtumia


Orientation Seminar for U.S. Grantees to Finland 2014-2015


The new Fulbrighters were treated to a vast amount of information about Finland, a reception at the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki, a trip to the Ateneum Art Museum, a sightseeing tour of Helsinki, and a day at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Grantees were able to get to know each other, the Fulbright Center staff, and make important connections at all levels. The Arrival Orientation took place at the Fulbright Center in Hakaniemi and various locations around Helsinki. Check out the orientation program below for more details!


Pre-Departure Orientation and Award Ceremony for the Finnish Fulbright Grantees 2014-2015



Fulbright Forum 2014


The first Fulbright Forum was organized at the University of Jyväskylä. “Fulbright Forum 2014: Education, Innovation, Science and Art” provided a unique opportunity to hear current American Fulbright scholars and graduate students present on their research in Finland.


U.S. Study Tour on Communications and Community Relations


A delegation from Finnish higher education institutions explored best practices and trends in communications and university relations with constituent audiences. Participants visited institutions in Washington, DC and the states of Maryland and Virginia to discussing marketing and recruitment, information sharing, content production, promotion of science and research, brand management and related topics.


Some Outreach Events Spring 2014

The Fulbright Center organizes information session at the Center and visits universities and high schools all around Finland. During the outreach visits the Center presents on the Fulbright funding opportunities and research and study opportunities the United States and Canada.


Spring 2014 Arrival Orientation for U.S. Grantees



Nordic Seminar 2013


Colleagues from Nordic Fulbright Commissions from Norway, Sweden, and Iceland visited the Fulbright Center for two days of workshops and discussions.


Seminar on the Arctic, Abisko, Sweden


International Fulbright Arctic Workshop held at the Abisko Scientific Research Station in northern Sweden gathered together some of the world's brightest scientists focusing on resilience, climate change, governance, and security in the Arctic. The findings of the workshop “Shaping Arctic Change through Conscious Choices” will be summarized into a synthesis paper on the key issues identified as being necessary to shape Arctic change in a conscious and deliberate manner. 


Thanksgiving Events for U.S. Fulbrighters


To celebrate Thanksgiving, Fulbrighters first visited the Fazer chocolate factory in Vantaa and on the following day they continued with visits to the Parliament of Finland and Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA.


ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association's 60th Anniversary Celebration


Marianna Sydänmaanlakka, the President of the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association, gave remarks on behalf of the Association. More photos on the Fulbright Center's Facebook page.


Mid-Term Coffee with the Ambassador


U.S. Fulbrighters met with the Ambassador Bruce J. Oreck at the U.S. Embassy for a Mid-Term Coffee. More photos on the Fulbright Center's Facebook page.


Fulbright Center on an Outreach Tour to Helsinki Capital Region High Schools with Vanderbilt University


Vanderbilt University and the Fulbright Center visited 7 high schools, participated in Studying in the U.S. Education Exposé, and organized an information session on undergraduate studies and funding in the United States.

Vanderbilt University and the Fulbright Center in Finland have a partnership agreement for funding Finnish undergraduate students.


The 21st American Voices Seminar

11.-12.10.2013 in Turku

The seminar provides an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the American society and culture through the experiences of American Fulbright grantees currently in Finland. Read the American Voices 2013 Program (pdf) and see photos from the Seminar on the Fulbright Center's Facebook page.


Some Outreach Events Fall 2013

During Fall 2013, the Center organized several information session in Hakaniemi, participated in study fairs, visited Universities around Finland, and did online information sessions.