Finland-America Educational Trust Fund

The purpose of the Finland–America Educational Trust Fund is to support the cultural and academic cooperation and exchange programs between Finland and the United States of America.

The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund was established in 1976.  Finland repaid in advance all of the World War I debt with interest and the U.S. Government placed the full amount in a binational trust fund in Finland. Read more about the history of the Fulbright program in Finland.

The Trust Fund provides annually an allocation to the Fulbright Finland Foundation, (“Commission”), based on the governmental agreement of July 2, 1952. The allocation is approximately 10 % of the Fulbright Finland Foundation annual budget.

There are four members in the Board of Directors, who are appointed for a term of one calendar year at a time. The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture appoint one member each, and the U.S. Ambassador to Finland appoints two members, who can also be U.S. citizens. 

Current Members of the Board of Directors

Chair: Ms. Elina Ravantti, Director General of Communications, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Vice-Chair: Mr. Ian Campbell, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy
Mr. William Couch, Counselor for Press and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Embassy
Ms. Jaana Palojärvi, Director for International Relations, Ministry of Education and Culture