Fulbright Finland Capacity Building Workshop on Establishing Partnership Agreements with U.S. Universities and Attracting U.S. Students.

The workshop aims to help Finnish universities build upon their international programs through the internationalization services of Fulbright Finland and discussion with relevant experts on how to establish well-functioning partnership agreements with U.S. institutions. The program also explores how to attract U.S. students to Finland, and how to support the development of services available for U.S. students. The workshop will take place in March 2018 right before the multidisciplinary Fulbright Forum on Education, Innovation, Science and Art, where nearly 30 U.S. Fulbrighters from different regions and educational institutions present their research. The participants will have the opportunity to attend the capacity-building workshop and then use the Forum as a way to network and build connections with U.S. Fulbrighters and their educational institutions.

More information will be available later!

Keskiviikko, 14. Maaliskuu 2018 (All day)