Fulbright Dialogue: Mechanisms of Radicalization and Sense of Inclusion

In this session of the Fulbright Dialogue series, Professor Muqtedar Khan (see brief bio below) from the University of Delaware will share his expertise on the mechanisms of radicalization and the sense of belonging vs. non-belonging to the society. His introduction to the theme is followed by a discussion with invited expert participants. The dialogue is facilitated by Hanna-Miina Sihvonen, Ph.D., Senior Specialist, Ministry of the Interior; 2017 Fulbright Finland Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars program alumna. For speaker bio, see www.fulbright.fi/en/internationalization-services/fulbright-dialogues

The event is by invitation only.

Tiistai, 17. Lokakuu 2017 -