2018 - Tapahtumia


Fulbright Suomi -säätiön hallituksen kokous Crisis Management Initiative CMI:ssä


Fulbright Dialogue on Future Needs and Prospects for Finnish-U.S. Teacher and Administrator Exchanges


Fulbright Dialogue with Jennifer Gibson, Chief of the Teacher Exchange Program Branch from the U.S. State Department, brought together Finnish experts in education. See more about Fulbright Dialogues here.

Fulbright Bicentennial Chair Daniel Cobb's Inaugural Lecture: "'If You Don't Speak, No One Will Listen': Why Everyone Should Know Clyde Warrior’s Name"


Fulbright Bicentennial Chair 2017-2018 Daniel Cobb piti perinteisen virkaanastujaisluennon Helsingin yliopistolla 30.11.2017. Luennon aiheena oli "'If You Don't Speak, No One Will Listen': Why Everyone Should Know Clyde Warrior’s Name". Ennen luentoa Fulbright Suomi -säätiö ja Helsingin yliopisto uusivat Fulbright Bicentennial Chair -sopimuksen.

Lisätietoa Fulbright Bicentennial Chair -stipendiohjelmasta.

Fulbright Finland Thanksgiving Events 2017


Fulbright Finland had an eventful two-day Thanksgiving with the current U.S. Fulbrighters with a visit to the Fazer chocolate factory, introduction to Finnish floorball and a traditional potluck Thanksgiving dinner at the Bicentennial Residence. We were also hosted for lunch and a great discussion with MP Antti Kurvinen and a tour of the beautifully renovated Parliament House.

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30th Anniversary Celebration of the Fulbright Finland Foundation and the University of Eastern Finland Collaboration


Fulbright Finland and University of Eastern Finland Celebrated 30 Years of Collaboration! The partners celebrated at the Saastamoinen Foundation in Helsinki with key representatives from both foundations, the U.S. Embassy, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, together with past and current leadership of the University of Eastern Finland as well as alumni of the joint grant programs. During the event, the Fulbright Finland Foundation, the Saastamoinen Foundation and the University of Eastern Finland also renewed their cooperation agreements for the Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Distinguished Chairs and Fulbright-Saastamoinen Foundation Grants. Read more at: www.fulbright.fi/en/fulbright-center/releases/fulbright-finland-and-university-eastern-finland-celebrate-30-years

Fulbright Dialogue on Mechanisms of Radicalization and Sense of Inclusion


Fulbright Dialogue on Mechanisms of Radicalization and Sense of Inclusion brought together experts from diverse backgrounds to share their views and expertise with others. Professor Muqtedar Khan from the University of Delaware gave the participants an introduction to the theme. The event was hosted by the Ministry of the Interior.

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XXV American Voices -seminaari


American Voices seminaari järjestettiin 25. kerran Turun yliopistossa 6.-7.10.2017. Yhdysvaltalaiset stipendiaatit pitivä useita esitelmiä Yhdysvaltojen historiaa, yhteiskuntaa ja kulttuuria käsittelevistä aiheista.

Katso XXV American Voices -ohjelma täältä.