Hakuaika tutkijaohjelmiin lukuvuodelle 2019-2020 päättyy

Fulbright-stipendiohjelmat tutkijavierailuun Yhdysvaltoihin ovat nyt haussa lukuvuodelle 2019-2020. Haussa apurahoja väitöskirjatutkimukseen sekä tohtorintutkinnon jälkeiseen tutkimukseen. Hakuaika tutkijaohjelmiin päättyy 9.12.2018.

Stipendit väitöskirjatutkimukseen:

Stipendit tohtorintutkinnon jälkeiseen tutkimukseen:


Fulbright Finland exchange offers life changing opportunities for researchers to advance their career. The prestige of the Fulbright grant provides Finnish Fulbrighters an opportunity to collaborate with the leading researchers in the United States. This collaboration creates new innovative research and establishes long-lasting collaboration between our countries.

     2017-2018 ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow

Fulbright Finland supports also PhD exchanges, which is extremely valuable. I find having the ability to be exposed to a completely different academic culture already at the PhD stage to be really helpful in both building networks, understanding one's own research position and material as well as appreciating many aspects at my home university in a new light.

     2017-2018 ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow

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