October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017


  • Fulbright Finland Foundation is officially registered as a not-for-profit foundation in Finland (Finnish Patent and Registration Office PRH, October 3, 2016) 
  • Fulbright Finland alum Bengt Holmström Wins Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
  • Dr. Jean Jordan is the first recipient of the Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) Alumni Enrichment Award
  • "Centennial Ambassadors" project by the Friends of Fulbright Finland (FoFF) part of the official Centenary of Finland’s Independence program. 
  • Study Tour: Towards Sustainable Arctic Futures
  • United States Announced Centennial Gift to Finland: $ 500 000 to Fulbright Finland Foundation. The gift is announced also at the press conference at the White House during President Sauli Niinistö's visit. (Press coverage)
  • The 65th anniversary of the Finnish-American Fulbright Agreement. Finnish Broadcasting Company's radio program about the history of the Fulbright program in Finland. The anniversary year was celebrated at a reception.
  • President Sauli Niinistö highlights Fulbright Finland Foundation's significant role in advancing the collaboration for the benefit of the Finnish-American relations.

Grant Programs

  • Altogether 24 grant programs to the U.S.: 10 for students, 7 for researchers, 6 for professionals. Altogether 27 grant programs to Finland: 7 for students, 16 for researchers and 4 for professionals and specialists.
  • Total of 91 grantees (48 Finnish grantees, 43 U.S. grantees)
  • Out of the Finnish grantees 28 are students of different levels, 10 are researchers and 10 are professionals in various fields. Out of the American grantees 12 are students of different levels, 18 are researchers and 13 are professionals in various fields.
  • Over EUR 1,42 million awarded as grants, co-sponsored grants included


  • Hundreds of active alumni in Finland and the United States serving as experts, academic reviewers, Board members, and in various other capacities related to the Fulbright Finland Foundation and its programs.
  • In the U.S., there are about 600 Fulbright Finland U.S. alumni within the Friends of Fulbright Finland Network
  • Total of 74 American alumni within the Welcome Network
  • Total of 140 members in the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association
  • 41 Finnish alumni participates in the Buddy Program

Fulbright Finland Statistics 2017

  • Approximately 6,500 client contacts in total, event participants included, out of which over 1,500 Fulbright Speaker program participants. 26 % of all contacts, event participants included, were international educational professionals.
  • 64 information sessions, seminars, conferences, and Fulbright Speaker Program sessions throughout Finland
  • Website: 226,500 pageviews and 69,400 website visitors.
  • Fulbright Finland News magazines: printed circulation 1,900 and digital reach over 2,700.
  • Social media followers: Facebook 2,380; Twitter 696; Instagram 229; LinkedIn 251; YouTube 6,745 views

Core Funding (partnership awards not included)

  • 72 % from Finland (Trust Fund, Finnish government, private foundations, Finnish universities, other)
  • 28 % from the United States (20 % the U.S. government, 8 % other)