Finland–America Educational Trust Fund

The purpose of the Finland–America Educational Trust Fund is to support the cultural and academic cooperation and exchange programs between Finland and the United States of America.

The Finland-America Educational Trust Fund was established in 1976 (read more about the history), and it is a core funder of the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

There are four members in the Board of Directors of the Trust Fund. The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture appoint one member each, and the U.S. Ambassador to Finland appoints two members. 

The Trust Fund does not have staff of its own. The Fulbright Finland Foundation CEO Terhi Mölsä serves as the ex-officio Director General of the Trust Fund.

Headshot of Mikko Koivumaa
Mikko Koivumaa

Director General of Communications, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Headshot of Deputy Chief of Mission Christopher Krafft
Christopher Krafft

Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy

Headshot of Susan Bridenstine
Susan Bridenstine
Member of the Board

Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy

Headshot of Jaana Palojärvi
Jaana Palojärvi
Member of the Board

Director for International Relations, Ministry of Education and Culture