Collaboration with the Association

An important aspect of the Fulbright program is the exposure of the grantees and alumni to a wide range of viewpoints through diverse enrichment programs, this way helping to expand their world views and to create new connections.

The ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association aims to offer its members the opportunity to continue engaging with a variety of institutions and individuals with different backgrounds. We also invite current U.S. grantees to participate in our events and to enrich the discussion through their particular ideas and experiences. While learning from Finnish institutions where we visit, the Finnish Fulbright alumni and U.S. grantees can bring new insights to these organizations. Joint conversations and events are a magnificent opportunity to discover new ideas across nations and fields of study.

So far, the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association has organized visits to diverse institutions in Finland, including but not limited to the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) in 2018. The Alumni Association has also organized academic events, for instance, a discussion with Finlandia Literary prize winner Ville Kivimäki in 2018. We look forward to organizing events across a wide spectrum of fields of specialty and featuring experts with diverse backgrounds.

Inviting the ASLA-Fulbright Alumni Association to visit your organization is a fabulous opportunity to meet and engage with internationally-oriented Finnish Fulbright alumni and American grantees and foster Finnish-American collaboration. You will not only be able to offer a fantastic learning opportunity for Fulbrighters – the Fulbrighters can also offer valuable insights for your organization!

In case you would want to invite Fulbrighters to visit your organization, please get in touch!

Our Alumni Association also seeks to collaborate with Fulbright alumni in other countries! Fulbright is a world-wide community, and we believe we can enrich our Fulbright experience by learning from and exchanging thoughts with alumni in other countries. We warmly welcome initiatives for joint activities from the Nordic and Baltic countries and elsewhere! Please get in touch with us and propose your idea!

In case you are interested in collaboration, please email us at [email protected]