The Year in Focus



  • Over EUR 1,4 million awarded as grants, co-sponsored grants included.
  • Total of 136 grantees (54 grantees to the U.S., 82 U.S. grantees to Finland).
  • The Foundation was featured during the 75th Anniversary Year of the global Fulbright Program in multiple ways.
  • 70th Anniversary of the signing of the Fulbright Agreement between the governments of Finland and the U.S. was celebrated at receptions hosted in May by the City of Helsinki and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and in August hosted by U.S Ambassador to the Republic of Finland Douglas T. Hickey.
  • Led by First Lady Gwen Walza higher education delegation from the state of Minnesota visited Finland. They started off their 3-day program at the Fulbright Finland Foundation with a briefing on Finland, the Finnish education system, and partnership opportunities in international education and exchanges.
  • Novel Pedagogical Development project kicked off for developing the Foundation’s leadership training with new hybrid delivery and training methods. The Foundation's alum, Dr. Erkko Sointu serves as Special Project Advisor for the two-year strategic initiative.
  • Major legacy gift to the Foundation by Suzanne Louis, Fulbright Finland alumna, donor, and a long-time volunteer.
  • The Foundation organized a Capacity Building Workshop: Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for International Student and Scholar Integration to support Finnish higher education institutions in their efforts to create safer, more inclusive and welcoming space for international visitors.
  • Alumni and grantees talk about the impact of the Foundation's work in a new two-minute brand video.

Grant Programs

  • Altogether 23 grant programs to the U.S. for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, teachers, and professionals. 
  • Altogether 29 grant programs to Finland for graduate students, researchers and lecturers, teachers, professionals, and alumni of the Fulbright Finland Foundation programs. 


Statistics 2022

  • Close to 6 800 client contacts in total, event participants included. Approximately 16 % of all contacts were international educational professionals;
  • Over 80 information sessions, seminars, conferences, and Fulbright Speaker Program sessions online and around the country;
  • Website: over 174 000 page views and 69 000 website visitors;
  • Fulbright Finland News magazines: 600 in printed circulation and digital reach over 2 900; and
  • Social media followers: Facebook 3 269; Twitter 1 844; Instagram 1 151; LinkedIn 884; YouTube 14 830 views.

Core Funding (partnership awards not included) 

  • 73.7 % from Finland (Trust Fund, Finnish government allocation, private foundations, Finnish universities, other)
  • 26.3 % from the United States (19.5 % U.S. government allocation, 6.8 % other) 
“The Fulbright Finland exchange is the opportunity to add another lens to the someone's eyes. As a biomedical researcher by training, I have used countless microscopes. They all have different lenses that bring specimens in more or less focus, and refract light in different ways. This is the process of the Fulbright exchange program. While we all have existing lenses that we use everyday, and some that we have up on the shelf to use from time to time, the Fulbright experience brings a whole new lens to see each and every form of education, research, collaboration, and engagement in a different light. This is truly the value of this cultural and research exchange -it's life changing.” - Christine Cutucache, 2021-22 Fulbright Specialist, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu 
"Being able to pursue my undergraduate degree in the U.S. has opened my thinking in ways I never even imagined possible - but if it wasn't for Fulbright Finland Foundation, I would not have dared to pursue my dreams." - Terhi Nurminen, 2021-22 Fulbright Finland Undergraduate Grant, University of Pennsylvania


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