The Year in Focus



Grant Programs

  • The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted all of the grantees. Offering the grantees as much flexibility as possible, the Foundation invested significant time and effort to work closely with each grantee to find tailor-made solutions to best fit their individual situations for the realization of their grant term and project. 90 % of the grantees rated the Foundation’s communication management during the pandemic as very good or excellent.
    • 57 % postponed the start of their grant term either by a few months or to the next academic year;
    • 24 % conducted their grant term according to the original plan;
    • 5 % began their grant term online but completed their term in the host country; and
    • Only 2 % had to complete their grant term fully online from their home country and 12 % canceled their grant due to the pandemic. 
  • A total of 23 grant programs to the U.S. for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, teachers, and other working professionals; and
  • 27 grant programs to Finland for graduate students, researchers and lecturers, teachers and other working professionals, specialists, and alumni of the Fulbright Finland Foundation programs were offered.


Statistics 2021

  • Close to 4 000 client contacts in total, event participants included. Approximately 33 % of all contacts were international educational professionals;
  • 47 information sessions, seminars, conferences, and Fulbright Speaker Program sessions online;
  • Website: over 156 600 page views and 58 900 website visitors;
  • Fulbright Finland News magazines: 600 in printed circulation and digital reach over 2 000; and
  • Social media followers: Facebook 3 084; Twitter 1 672; Instagram 954; LinkedIn 677; YouTube 12 953 views.

Core Funding (partnership awards not included) 

  • 65 % from Finland (Trust Fund, Finnish government allocation, private foundations, Finnish universities, other); and
  • 35 % from the U.S. (24 % U.S. government allocation, 11 % other).
“My Fulbright Finland exchange super-charged my scholarship and allowed me to develop new international collaborations. Through this exchange I experienced the ways equity and inclusion are manifested in Finnish society. I will take the lessons learned from this exchange and apply them to my personal and professional life.”
- 2020-21 Fulbright U.S. Scholar



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