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Grants for Doctoral Studies and Research

The Fulbright Finland Foundation provides opportunities for those interested in doctoral studies, research, or a full degree in the U.S. Programs are available for students of any field.
“Fulbright Finland exchange offers life changing opportunities for researchers to advance their career. The prestige of the Fulbright grant provides Finnish Fulbrighters an opportunity to collaborate with the leading researchers in the United States. This collaboration creates new innovative research and establishes long-lasting collaboration between our countries.” - Marjaana Sianoja, 2017-2018 ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Grant

All Fields

ASLA-Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Research Fellows APPLY NOW!
A grant program for conducting pre-doctoral research in the U.S. for 6-12 months.

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grants 
A grant program for master's or doctoral-level studies in the United States for one academic year for taking courses/doing research or completing a degree.

Economics, Business, and Technology

Fulbright-KAUTE Foundation Award 
A grant program for doctoral students for PhD studies or a research visit in the U.S.

Different Fields of Technology

Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grants 
A grant program for master's or doctoral level studies in the United States (for one academic year for taking courses/doing research or completing a degree).

Finnish Language

Fulbright Finnish Language and Culture Teaching Assistant Program
Assisting in Finnish language and culture teaching duties at a U.S. university. Additionally, the grantee can do additional Master's or Doctoral level studies or research by attending university courses without paying tuition fees. The program is for one academic year.

Heritage Science

Fulbright-National Archives Heritage Science Fellowship
A grant for advanced doctoral researchers completing dissertation projects related to heritage science to connect with National Archives scientists and experts while conducting research at the National Archives’ state-of-the-art Heritage Science Research and Testing Lab in College Park, Maryland.